Start Competing: Creations of Bile Tactics

An interesting surprise in the penultimate chapter in Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider was the addition of a new subfaction of Chaos Space Marines – The Creations of Bile. Designed to represent the armies that had given themselves over to the Manflayer’s experimentation. They’re kind of an odd entry into the Chaos Space Marine legion group, possessed of some solid rules but lacking Warlord Traits as they’re required to take Bile as the army’s Warlord.

Legion Overview

Creations of Bile armies have yet to see real competitive play and success though some of that may just be because of a lack of experimentation and the army still being relatively new. There’s also the issue that while they have some strong rules, it may not be enough to outweigh their downsides and the downsides of Chaos Space Marines as a faction in 9th edition.


  • Legion Trait. Creations of Bile have a pretty great legion trait that gives standard profile marines a huge boost. It’s one of the strongest legion traits that Chaos Space Marines have access to.
  • You keep Veterans of the Long War. Unlike the Renegade Chapters, Creations of Bile don’t lose access to Veterans of the Long War. That’s pretty great.
  • Extra speed. An extra 1″ of Movement may not seem like a lot but it’s a big deal on slower units like Terminators and helps turn Helbrutes into decently fast runners. Combine this with the Macrotensile Sinews Stratagem for INFANTRY and you can push units of Raptors across the board to charge in a single turn pretty easily.
  • Buffs for INFANTRY. There are a few defensive buffs that Creations of Bile have for their infantry, including the ability to get +1 Toughness for a turn with Dermal Chitination and -1 to be hit with Monstrous Visages and a few offensive buffs as well. You’re gonna have some great INFANTRY.
  • Free to pick Marks. Unlike some legions that lock you into picking allegiance to a single Chaos god, the Creations of Bile can pick whichever they want, which means they can take the mark of Slaanesh and Icons of Excess to benefit from the new Death to the False Emperor rules.


  • Bile has to be your Warlord. If you play Creations of Bile, then Fabius Bile has to be your Warlord. He’s OK, and he’s got a couple of neat tricks in his newest iteration, but taking him as your Warlord means you don’t have any other warlord traits and it limits your options for taking powerful melee characters with cool tricks that you can get in other legions. The upside is that you do have the Supreme Creation Stratagem, which kind of acts like a warlord trait for another character in your army.
  • Nothing to affect Cultists. It seems a bit weird that Bile wouldn’t experiment on cultists and the end result is that almost none of the Creations of Bile stratagems affect Chaos Cultists, meaning that some of its buffs that would be most useful on large mobs of cheap infantry just don’t get to live up to their full potential.
  • Mixed Quality of Stratagems. The stratagems offered for Creations of Bile are kind of a mixed bag, ranging from very useful stratagems like Macrotensile Sinews to the bafflingly-worded and near worthless like Venomous Claws. On the whole they’re a value add over just having what’s in the Codex, but they’re weaker than the sets offered to any of the first founding traitor legions, save maybe Black Legion.
  • Reliance on Infantry. Almost everything in the Creations of Bile stratagem suite is focused on Infantry, pushing you hard in that direction if you want to try and make monofaction Bile work.

Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

Legion Trait: Experimental Enhancements

Add 1 to the Movement and Strength characteristics of models with this Legion Trait. Note that this doesn’t apply to Bile, per the Shadowy Allies rule. Also, a Detachment can only have this legion trait (and models in it can only replace their <LEGION> keyword with CREATIONS OF BILE if Fabius Bile is your Warlord. This is incredibly strong and has immediate, massive benefits for Chaos Space Marines, Raptors, Bikers, and Warp Talons, all of whom very much like the +1 strength bonus and all of which just improved significantly with the weapons update giving them either AP-1 Astartes chainswords or an extra attack from Lightning Claws. It’s also a very solid boost on Terminators, who can happily swap out their chainaxe for a Lightning claw and enjoy the +1 Movement to get them back up to a regular walking speed. It turns Possessed and Helbrutes into legitimate speedsters and helps you get over some key strength thresholds. Same for your Berserkers, who can either save 1ppm by taking swords + pistols instead of a chainaxe, or who can now effectively threaten vehicles with S7 chainaxes and Veterans of the Long War. The big downside here is of course the requirement that Bile be your Warlord. He’s got a couple of good tricks and he’s cheap but he’s nothing special, though the faction makes up for this a bit by giving you the Supreme Creation Stratagem to buff another character in a way similar to a Warlord Trait and if you’re really desperate you can take an Alpha Legion Detachment to get another trait, though they won’t really bring much to the table your Creations of Bile aren’t already doing. A


The Creations of Bile have their own modest suite of stratagems (7) to work with. They’re a mixed bag but there are a couple of gems in there and at 1 CP for each of them, they’re at least priced to move. Except for maybe Venomous Claws, which should have been 0 CP.

  • Venomous Claws (1 CP). Use in the Fight phase when you pick a non-Cultist Creations of Bile unit to fight. Until the end of that phase, when you make an attack with the close combat weapon profile by a model in that unit, an unmodified hit roll of 6 automatically scores a hit and successfully wounds the target (do not make a wound roll). This was uninspiring at best before the weapons update that gave chaos space marines access to Astartes chainswords and it’s even worse now. For a refresher, the close combat weapon profile is defined on page 230 of the core book/page 75 of the GT Missions 2021 Rulebook as the weapon you make an attack with if you have no melee weapons or can’t make an attack with any of the melee weapons you’re equipped with. This means that you can’t use it on a model that has any melee weapons, even for attacks that don’t use that weapon. And because it doesn’t work on Cultists, where you’d really kind of want it for Autogun Cultists, its only real value is going to be on boltgun-equipped Chaos Space Marines, double-ranged weapon Helbrutes, Noise Marines, and Havocs and none of those are really units you want in combat at any point. As a surprise safety valve, this doesn’t do enough for you to make it worth it, either – your squad of 10 chaos space marines with bolters dish out 20 attacks that automatically wound on 6s to hit is not going to do enough damage to take down an important target even with this. It’s was a baffling Stratagem to begin with since you couldn’t do say, 3 claw attacks and 1 chainsword attack with a model and has gotten even worse now that you’d just rather spend 0 points to take an AP-1 chainsword instead 100% of the time. D
  • Monstrous Visages (1 CP). Use at the start of any phase. Pick a non-Cultist Creations of Bile INFANTRY unit in your army and until the end of the turn, enemy units within 6″ get -1 to their to hit rolls. This is an OK defensive buff, and has some interesting nuances. The first being that it lasts until the end of the turn, but you can fire it off multiple times per turn, allowing you to do the semi-neat trick of firing it off on multiple units by using it in the Movement/Psychic/Shooting/Charge/Fight phases and causing multiple enemy units to take the penalty to hit. Multiple Visage auras will also stack, so you can get your opponent to -2 to hit with the right positioning and counteracting any +1 to hit bonuses they may have. This also benefits Raptors pretty heavily, as we’ll see for most of the Creations of Bile stratagems, where their ability to zoom around the board and drop this aura on opponents will help keep the rest of your squishy infantry force alive. Also as written, this technically stacks since it’s not defined as an Aura right now, so you can drop it on the same unit twice (by triggering it in multiple phases) to give -2 to hit, which has niche value but if you know you’re up against Admech or something with frequent +1 to hit bonuses, it can be helpful. B+
  • Macrotensile Sinews (1 CP). Use at the start of your Movement phase and pick a non-Cultist INFANTRY unit. That unit can Advance and Charge this turn and when it does either, add 1 to the result. OK this is straight fire for Creations of Bile and another Stratagem that rewards Raptors bigtime. The ability to Advance and Charge in the same turn significantly increases the threat radius of units, and that extra +1 to both means that on average you’ll be adding 4.5″ to your advance distance and making an 8″ charge, which means you’ve got an average threat radius of 19.5″ for footslogging CSMs and 24.5″ for Raptors. That’s pretty tasty, and means you’ve got some real first-turn charge potential with one unit of your jump lads, and even just letting your Terminators do a White Scars impression for a bit is great. Note that because of the timing, you can’t use this to make your charges out of deep strike any easier. A
  • The Master is Watching (1 CP). Use in the Shooting or Fight phase, when a non-Cultist Creations of Bile INFANTRY unit that is visible to and within 12″ of your Warlord – who is always Fabius Bile – is picked to shoot or fight. Until the end of the phase, they can re-roll hit rolls. This would be amazing on Cultists and I’m not sure why they aren’t afraid of messing up with Bile around but as-is it’s very solid on pretty much anything else. The big challenge is going to be getting Fabius Bile within 12″ of the unit you want. As we’ll see in a bit, Fabius kind of wants to be on the table every turn so he can Enhance units, and Raptor units will quickly outrun him trying to get to their targets. This probably does its best work on Havocs, who will be more likely to be around Bile in the Shooting phase, but can also be solid on Terminators or Obliterators at mid-table if you’ve Advanced Bile twice to get him into a decent position. B
  • Dermal Chitination (1 CP). Use in the opponent’s Shooting phase when a Creations of Bile non-Cultists INFANTRY unit is targeted by an enemy unit. It gets +1 Toughness until the end of the phase. This is a solid defensive buff for Raptors and Terminators that find themselves out behind enemy lines and sitting on a T4 profile. It can also be solid for Havocs or Obliterators if you’re finding yourself under fire from S5 guns though the real value is going to be cutting down on the impact of high-volume S4 shots you take from marines or Necron Warriors. Can also be helpful on Mutilators if your opponent has cottoned to your strategy of using them to score cheap Linebreaker points. A-
  • Taken Alive (1 CP). Use in the Fight phase when a model in an enemy unit is destroyed by a melee attack from a Creations of Bile INFANTRY unit in your army. For the rest of the game, when taking a Morale test for that enemy unit, each model in that unit destroyed counts as two models for the purposes of Morale tests. You can only use this on each enemy unit once. Probably a bit weaker in 9th because making your opponent fail morale by a lot doesn’t guarantee a unit wipe any more. B
  • Supreme Creation (1 CP). Use before the battle. Pick one CREATIONS OF BILE CHARACTER in your army that isn’t Fabius Bile and pick one of the following three abilities for them. You can only use this once per battle.
    • Prime Test Subject – Add 1 to the model’s Strength and Toughness characteristics.
    • The Master’s Hound – Add 1 to Advance and Charge rolls for this model and if it makes a charge, is charged, or performs a Heroic Intervention, it gets +1 Attack until the end of the turn.
    • Ravenous Biology – When this model would lose a wound, roll a D6; on a 6 that wound isn’t lost. Additionally at the end of the Fight phase this model regains D3 lost wounds if any enemy models were destroyed within 1″ of them that phase.
  • This basically replaces the ability to take another Warlord in your detachment and give them a trait, instead costing you 1 CP to boost one of your characters. That stinks but the upside is that this is a damn solid list of buffs. Prime Test Subject is going to be your most common go-to since it pushes Daemon Princes and Lords Discordant over a key threshold with regard to their Strength and Toughness characteristics, but The Master’s Hound has real value as well since you can put it on a jump pack chaos lord and, when combined with Macrotensile Sinews, make fairly reliable 7″ charges out of Deep Strike.


Creations of Bile have three relics to choose from and all three are at least OK.

  • Helm of All-Seeing. While a model with this is on the battlefield, you can roll one D6 for each CP you spend to use a Stratagem; on a 5+ that Command Point is refunded. This is pretty decent, but you’ll rarely want it as your first relic. That said, in even a game where you start with 9 CP you’ll have 14 chances to regenerate CP so the chances are good that if you spend 1 CP to make this your extra relic it’ll pay for itself in an average game. B+
  • Hyper-Growth Bolts. When you give a model this you apply it to a bolt pistol, boltgun, or combi-weapon they’re equipped with. When you shoot that weapon you can choose to fire a hyper-growth bolt. If you do you do, you can only make one attack with that weapon but that attack always wounds on a 2+ and is damage 4. This is pretty solid on a Chaos Lord where you’re getting your hits on a 2+ and re-rolling 1s to hit, and because there’s nothing stopping you from CP re-rolling your wound roll if it fails. The problem is going to be the same as always, which is that you are firing an AP- weapon and that means you’re completely at the mercy of your opponent and their ability to fail a saving throw when you shoot this at them. It doesn’t help that you have no way to improve the shot’s AP, either. If you really want to take this it may do its best work on the bolt pistol of a Jump Pack Chaos Lord where you could use it against things like Ork characters you end up in melee with, but you’d be better off giving them a weapon. C+
  • Living Carapace. At the start of your turn, this model regains 1 lost wound and when resolving an attack against this model add 1 to its saving throw (invulnerable saves are unaffected). This is really good on a Winged Daemon Prince, where getting to what’s functionally a 2+ save is really solid and regenerating one wound per turn makes them even tougher. It’s also great on a Lord Discordant, where healing two wounds per turn and having a (not broken) version of the 1+ save means that they won’t be hitting their 5+ invulnerable save unless they’re facing AP-4 firepower. It’s OK but mostly a waste on something like a Jump Pack Chaos Lord – save it for your two “big threat” options and give the jump pack chaos lord a daemon weapon. B

Notable Units

There’s the one obvious special character for us to cover (Fabius), but there are also a number of units in the Creations of Bile that are worth special mention.

Fabius Bile

Fabius got a small but solid update in Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider, gaining a 5+ Feel No Pain/ignore wounds save, gaining a Surgeon Acolyte tagalong, and getting an improved Enhanced Warriors rule – now only 1 model in the unit dies if you roll a 1 on a single D6 as opposed to rolling a die for each model in the unit and taking 1 mortal wound for each 1. The Acolyte gives you the ability to add or subtract 1 from the results each time you roll on the Enhancement table with the Enhanced Warriors rule. He also got a reconfigured number of attacks – his base Attacks dropped to 4 (from 6) and he now makes 3 extras with The Chirurgeon which has a slightly different S4 AP-2, D1 profile. Bile is decent overall in combat but lacks an invulnerable save other than the 5+ feel no pain and that means he’s basically defenseless if attacked by a real melee character. The real value you’re going to try to extract from Fabius is that Enhanced Warriors rule to buff your squads. On that note, for only 5 points, you want to bring a Surgeon Acolyte 100% of the time.

At only 6″ Movement and no boost from his own Legion Trait, your biggest challenge with Fabius is that he’s slow, and because Enhancing happens at the end of the Movement phase, while he can move to meet a unit, faster units like Raptors will quickly outpace him on their way up the table, making it difficult to keep them wholly within 6″ of Bile so they can be enhanced. You also can’t really put Bile in a Rhino since he’ll want to be on the table, though starting him in one during deployment and having him get out before moving on turn 1 isn’t a terrible idea. The net result is that Bile wants to basically Advance every turn, either moving to units that want to be enhanced or having those units move to him, and ideally your T1 play is always overclocking a unit of Raptors who stay behind to get the boost and use Macrotensile Sinews to Advance + Charge across the table on the following turn. After that, whatever you can work with is a decent look, and that will probably be a unit of chainsword chaos space marines or possessed who haven’t rushed fast enough to get away from Bile’s ability to enhance them. For anything that fights your primary focus should be giving them +1 Attack, since they’ve already got +1 strength from the Legion trait and don’t really need it, and for Havocs or anything you need to hold an objective, +1 Toughness is a decent pick.


Raptors are the big, BIG winners of Creations of Bile. Doubly so after the January 2021 points update dropped them to 15 points per model. They benefit the most from the legion trait, suddenly moving 13″ with S5 attacks at AP-1 thanks to their Astartes Chainswords and able to benefit from Macrotensile Sinews, Monstrous Visages, and Dermal Chitination. Against most T4 targets they can use Veterans of the Long War to get 2+ to wound, and there’s extra benefit to giving them a Lightning Claw champion. A monofaction Creations of Bile or even a detachment wants as many 15-model units of Raptors as it can fit. If you can enhance one on the first turn with Enhanced Warriors and get it to +1 Attack you’ll have something truly nasty. Give them the Mark of Khorne and an Icon of Khorne so they can re-roll their charges.

Warp Talons

Warp Talons are still pretty expensive, but post-points update they’ve dropped to a much more reasonable 23 points per model and having S5 and the extra attack from the new lightning claws rules helps them overcome a big chunk of their cost issues. While they won’t be able to make charges out of deep strike, having a 10-model squad that you boost to T5 or 5 attacks early on can be pretty nasty, and they can make use of almost everything that Raptors can to tear things up. If you’re sick of painting raptors after 30, then a squad of 10 Warp Talons is fine and mathematically will do more damage than 15 raptors against most targets. It’s probably worth considering 30 raptors and 10 warp talons in your list, especially given that there’s only a 5-point difference between the two.

Winged Daemon Prince

Although not Infantry, the Winged Daemon Prince gets quite a bit of value out of being in the Creations of Bile. The +1 Strength and Movement bonuses are already solid, pushing the model to S8 and letting it make the most out of Malefic Talons or a Hellforged sword (talons are the better play), and a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch with Q’o’ak, the Boundless (the Tzeentch Daemon weapon) is a very solid play since being S8 helps mitigate one of that weapon’s biggest drawbacks. You can further combine this with Supreme Creation – Prime Test Subject to get your Daemon Prince to S9 and T7, further upping them over some key thresholds, though this may be a bit overkill (The Master’s Hound also works well at this point). Or keep the Talons and give him the Living Carapace and the Weaver of Fates power to up his invulnerable save to make a character with a 2+ save and a 4+ invulnerable save that heals one wound per turn. Ultimately either bonus works well for daemon princes, who really really want +1 strength and toughness, though if you just wanted to skip giving one Supreme Creation so you can give it to the Lord Discordant, that’s a solid move as well. Another great option here is to take a Winged Daemon Prince of Khorne with Malefic Talons and the Talisman of Burning Blood for the ability to Advance and Charge, then send him off with a unit of Raptors to make early-game mayhem. Most creations of Bile armies will want a winged daemon prince as their second HQ to fly around and help out the army’s raptors.

Lords Discordant

Lords Discordant are a strong unit and a nasty add to any list despite their 9th edition points increase and they’re even better in Creations of Bile, where the +1 Strength bonus helps them clear some important thresholds, getting them to S9 on the charge and keeping them at S8 in later rounds of combat. This frees them up to consider relics other than the Intoxicating Elixir, and they make a great fit for The Talisman of Burning Blood, which lets them Advance and Charge in the same turn and re-roll charge rolls. They’re also a great fit for the Living Carapace, which lets them heal 2 wounds per turn and gets them to a 1+ save functionally, and combined with Supreme Creation – Prime Test Subject boosts their survivability quite a bit. If you’re bringing a Lord Discordant in a Creations of Bile list he’s not really going to gain much besides being a bit of a solo murdermonster and the army doesn’t benefit daemon engine so much so just keep that in mind – he’s still a strong add, however.

Chaos Space Marines

The focus on infantry in a Creations of Bile army most benefits Chaos Space Marines, who make great troops in a CoB detachment. Chaos Space Marines with astartes chainswords and a 7″ move/5 Strength profile are pretty nasty, and taking a couple larger squads is a fine way to fill out a Creations of Bile detachment with a unit that, while fragile, can be a decent threat to anything it comes across mid-table. You’ll almost always want these guys on sword + pistol.

Other Infantry

In addition to Chaos Space Marines and the other units listed above, Terminators, Havocs, Obliterators, and Mutilators are all solid in a Creations of Bile list for different reasons. Havocs like the ability to get full re-rolls from The Master is Watching, Obliterators get to enjoy hitting at S7 if they’re forced into melee and will appreciate having a 5″ movement, plus they get to keep Veterans of the Long War and Endless Cacophony, so they’re just fine in a Creations of Bile detachment. Mutilators get a big boost here, suddenly going to 5″ movement, being able to advance and charge, and having S6 base so they can go from S7 to S9 when attacking – this makes then considerably better, though it will still be more like an added bonus if they actually kill anything in a game. Berserkers get an interesting boost from the legion trait, going to S6 base with the option to Advance and Charge makes them particularly deadly before you factor in that they can now get to S7 attacks with chainaxes and seriously threaten targets that were previously a bit of a reach. They’ll do very well in squads of 5 as 4 sword+axe models and one champion with a pair of lightning claws. Speaking of which, Terminators with a single lightning claw and combi-bolter are also a solid unit to look at here, where the extra movement, ability to advance and charge, and strength bonuses make them quite a bit more threatening, and that’s before you potentially boost them with Bile. They’re also a great target for the Dermal Chitination Stratagem. Finally Possessed and Greater Possessed both get a bit of a boost from being Creations of Bile, jumping to 8″ Movement and S6 base, though you’ll really want to play for +1 Attack on them with Enhanced Warriors as soon as you’re able (and settle for +1 Toughness or Strength if you have to). They’ll still want the support of a Master of Possession with Mutated Invigoration and Cursed Earth and with a Greater Possessed suddenly the whole group have Strength 7 which you can potentially get to 8 if you want to go that route with your Enhanced Warriors roll. That’s not too bad and while you’ll still wish they had a way to boost damage, the potential to Advance and Charge does get you something that looks kind of like the old Daemonkin Ritualists possessed mobs of late 8th edition.


Helbrutes don’t benefit much from the legion’s stratagems, but they do benefit from the legion trait well enough – it boosts them to a respectable 9″ Movement and allows them to hit at Strength 9 with the power scourge, making it a formidable antitank option on the chance you run into some T8 targets.


Bikers don’t get a bunch of the INFANTRY-only stratagems but they do really like being S5 with their Astartes chainswords and a 15″ Movement characteristic is pretty beefy. Plus they can take Icons of Excess to generate a bunch of extra attacks. They’re just as good as Raptors at fighting and give you a lot more shooting and durability.


Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

Playing Creations of Bile

Building and playing Creations of Bile means building around an INFANTRY-heavy Chaos Space Marines list. They probably work best as a CSM detachment in a larger CHAOS army running daemons, but well, that’s every Chaos Marines list these days. If you’re running Creations of Bile solo, go heavy on Raptors with a plan to have a squad fo them and a couple of Heldrakes disrupt enemy lines early on. Engage on All Fronts is going to be an option for you in almost every game, and Retrieve Octarius Data will also be a consideration as well. You’ll also have plenty of infantry to generally make performing actions easy. On the flip side, a couple of units of sword Chaos Space Marines can help cover the middle of the board and capture objectives, while Havocs can walk along with Bile or dump out of a Rhino and use The Master is Watching to get the most out of their shots. Heavy Bolters will work well there, same as they do for The Purge.

Tips and Tricks to Remember

  • Plan out your Enhanced Warriors Moves. It’s really easy to end up outrunning Bile’s ability to Enhance things and ending up out of position to do your thing with Bile. Plan out your first 2 Enhanced Warriors moves in advance so you know when and where your units and Bile have to be so you don’t end up with a model outside of 6″ screwing up the unit’s ability to be enhanced.
  • Remember to Protect Bile. Likewise, be sure you don’t leave Bile out in the open! Have him advance first, then move the other units around him so you can make sure they all end up in the correct ranges.
  • Plan your charges and support your downfield units. Macrotensile Sinews is strong but it’ll only work on one unit of Infantry. Be sure to plan your first turn charges accordingly, and make sure you have support for what you’re doing so they don’t end up getting trapped in the open with an entire army to shoot at you. Taking other fast units like a Daemon Prince or Lord Discordant with the Talisman of Burning Blood can give you an additional threat to crash into your enemy’s lines and ensure you get the most out of your early blitz.
  • Take advantage of your mobility. Because of how you’ll want to build, Creations of Bile armies are going to end up very mobile. Use that to your advantage to make sure you are where you need to be and brush up on the rules for moving and moving around terrain so you aren’t caught off guard.

A Creations of Bile List

There aren’t any successful Creations of Bile lists to look at from tournament reports yet, so here’s a suggestion for a Creations of Bile monofaction list that takes advantage of their rules and the recent points drops on Raptors, while still staying relatively true to the best parts of the Chaos Space Marines faction as a whole.

++ Creations of Bile Battalion Detachment (-3 CP, 2,000 points)

Gifts of Chaos (-1 CP)

HQ: Fabius Bile, Warlord: Lord of Terror (95)
HQ: Lord Discordant on Helstalker, Autocannon, Mark of Khorne, Relic: Talisman of Burning Blood, Supreme Creation: Prime Test Subject (-1 CP)
HQ: Master of Possession, Mark of Slaanesh, Powers: Infernal Power, Cursed Earth

Troops: Chaos Space Marines w/MoK x6 w/bolt pistol + astartes chainsword, Icon of Excess
Troops: Chaos Space Marines w/MoK x6 w/bolt pistol + astartes chainsword, Icon of Excess
Troops: Chaos Space Marines w/MoK x5 w/bolt pistol + astartes chainsword

EL: Terminators x10 w/Combi-Bolter + Lightning Claw, Icon of Excess, Mark of Slaanesh
EL: Greater Possessed, Mark of Slaanesh, Relic: Helm of All-Seeing
EL: Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought w/Chainfist, Plasma Cannon, Mark of Slaanesh, Combi-Bolter

FA: Raptors x 14 w/MoK, bolt pistol + astartes chainsword, champion: Lightning claw + Astartes chainsword, Mark of Slaanesh Icon of Excess
FA:  Bikers x9 – 7x w/Chainsword, 2x w/Chainsword + Meltagun, Champion w/Lightning Claw, Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess

HS: Venomcrawler w/Mark of Slaanesh
HS: Venomcrawler w/Mark of Slaanesh
HS: Venomcrawler w/Mark of Slaanesh

++ 2,000 points ++

The Standout Features

  • Big units of Raptors and Bikes give the unit a fast, deadly punch in melee with a ton of S5, AP-1 attacks.
  • Lord Discordant with T7 who can Advance + Charge and buffs nearby Venomcrawlers and Contemptor
  • A large unit of lightning claw Terminators to occupy mid-table

Playing This List

This list sacrifices a bit of the raw speed you could go with in a Creations of Bile army for more steady durability. The 10-model unit of Terminators gives the army a durable core that’s deadly as hell in melee, tossing out 40 S5, AP-2, re-rolling wounds attacks on the charge or when charged, and they’ll travel in a group with Bile, who will enhance them on turn 1. Thanks to Bile’s henchman you’ll always have T+1 as an option, and typically you’ll either want that or +1 Attack as the benefits you take, since moving to S6 isn’t that big a deal against most armies. They also really enjoy using The Master is Watching to get full re-rolls in either the Shooting or Fight phases, and using Dermal Chitination to get a quick boost to Toughness or Monstrous Visages to avoid taking damage.

That said, this army still has plenty of speed – the Bikers and Raptors give it durable, fast melee threats that help it score Engage on All Fronts and either group can hit like a freight train in melee. The Raptors in particular can use Macrotensile Sinews to bound across the table and score Turn 1 Charges by Advancing and charging, crashing into the enemy lines with an average of 17-18″ of movement before they charge, and an additional +1 to their charge rolls, giving them an average threat range of 25-26″ on turn 1.

Finally there’s the standard Daemon Engine core here, using a trio of Venomcrawlers supported by a Master of Possession and Greater Possessed. The Bile Twist here is a Supreme Creation Lord Discordant, whose bonus strength and toughness make him a much more deadly fighter with a little more survivability. He can also help buff the Contemptor, who also gives the list a bit of extra shooting help. It’s still a very melee-focused build, but it’s got some nasty tricks for holding objectives.

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