Battletech: Mech Overview: Wolverine

We're back with another 'Mech overview, this time the Wolverine - a boring, middle of the pack mech.

Battletech: Mercenary Kickstarter Force Pack Overview

With the Battletech: Mercenaries pledge manager opening up, Perigrin has run through all of the force pack options to get an idea of which packs you might want to choose.

Battletech: Special Autocannon Ammunition

Playing Battletech and confused which special ammunition your autocannons should pack? Perigrin looks at all the different options.

Battletech: New mech variants (Record Sheets: Jihad and Record Sheets: Dark Age)

Catalyst released several packs of Battletech record sheets last week, including quite a few new variants. Perigrin is taking a look at the first two packs to see how the mechs stack up.

Battletech: Goonformat Updated!

After a few months of playtesting we've updated the Battletech Goonformat to improve the missions and force construction.

Battletech: Mech Overview: Blackjack

This week we are taking a look at the Blackjack, the dependable little medium class dork you start out with in HBS's Battletech video game.

Battletech: Infantry Overview

Last week we looked at running tanks in Battletech, and this week we're looking at their traditional partners - infantry.

Battletech: A Basic Guide to Tanks

We couldn't ignore Battletech during MECHAHAMMER week. Here's a guide to the basics of why you'd want to bring some tanks in your force

Battletech: Specialized Armor and How to Defeat It

Have you been running into a Stalker covered in hardened armor like Jack has? He's taking a look at the specialized armors of Battletech and how to counter them on the battlefield.

Battletech: A Guide to Common List Archetypes: Part 1

Battletech is a very, very wide game with a lot of possibilities and a ludicrously fragmented meta. I covered the basics of building a good lance/formation a while ago, but one thing not mentioned in that article was what...