Battletech: Paint Starter Set Review

Catalyst Game Labs and Army Painter are releasing a paint starter set aimed specifically at battletech. They sent us a copy to review, and Perigrin has given them a go.

Battletech: Alpha Strike Special Pilot Abilities A-M

Today in Battletech Perigrin is covering Alpha Strike Special Pilot Abilities, bonuses that your force can gain depending on composition.

Battletech: Hot Take: Battlefield Support Beta Rules

Along with the prelaunch page for the Battletech Mercenaries kickstarter, Catalyst have released a set of beta rules for using vehicles as battlefield support assets. Perigrin runs through how they work and his opinions.

Battletech Alpha Strike: The Goonhammer Review

The BattleTech Alpha Strike starter box is here, and it's fantastic. We're taking a look at everything in the box and how playing your first games will feel.

Battletech: Mech Overview: Griffin

We return to our mech overviews looking at the Griffin, the other mech found in the Beginners Box.

Battletech: Pest Control: How to Kill Elementals

While mechs are the stars of Battletech, it's a full combined-arms game. Today we're looking at how to fight against clan elementals.

Battletech: Mech Overview: Vindicator

In this weeks Mech Overview we're taking a look at all the different variants of the Vindicator, one of the two mechs in the current beginner box.

Battletech: Mech Overview: Mad Cat

Howdy tube-men and welcome to our first Mech Overview, focusing in on the game stats of different mechs and their variants and how to best use them. Mechs are obviously the main draw of Battletech, and everyone will be...

Battletech: Basic Tactics and Playing High Tech vs. Low Tech

The extent of force composition rules in Battletech are simple Battle Value (BV) balancing - both sides should end up with approximately the same total. The simplicity of these rules commonly causes a divide between people who prefer to spend that BV budget on more mechs or spend it on better mechs. As with nearly everything in Battletech, there's very little consensus on which is better.

Battletech: How to Make a Good Lance

Force contstruction in Battletech is mechanically simple but conceptually complex. Peri works through two different methods of building a lance and what tools you'll need.