The Age of Sigmar Dec 2023 FAQ Hot Take

It’s that time again when Games Workshop drop a slew of FAQs for us to scratch our heads at. Overall these are pretty minor but mostly buffs or side-grades to the armies present. A lot of these changes are to do with specific debuffs, too, which is…interesting. 


Bair: Minor FAQ here for the naked dwarfs, just 3 points to make it so the new Warcry Flameseeker unit can actually access army buffs. They can now use Fierce Counter-Attack to Strike First with a command after being charged, can run and charge with Ember Storm Prayer, but most importantly can benefit from Flamekeeper buffs. 

Flameseekers credit: Laura, instagram scops947

Flameseekers were a relatively unimpressive unit without being able to access these but now with their number of attacks will actually be a decent take. A double reinforced unit puts out an incredible number of attacks at their cost when you’re able to boost damage. The army as a whole is still struggling in the current Andtor battlepack and I’m hoping for a Battlescroll update to help before it’s over. 

Beasts of Chaos

Mugginns: It’s a bit enemy-dependent whether -1 to Attack or -1 to Wound is better, but the Dragon Ogor Shaggoth now does -1 to Wound with Fulgurous Blades. Nobody is probably taking him at his current points value (270) for a 10 wound dude with a 4+ save anyway, so I don’t think it’s going to matter. If you are running one then be aware that this is largely a nerf to the spell. 


Krondys’ and Karazai’s Ancient Master of War ability gets re-worked to choose an enemy unit within 3” and subtract 1 from the amount of attacks that unit makes for the phase. This is a kind of side-grade. If either of these are being hit by multiple enemy units only one of those will be affected now which is worse. However the ability now effects the enemy unit regardless of who they’re targeting so if either of these dragons are in a larger melee with other Stormcast units your opponent can’t get around it by targeting something else. A little confusing that they’d make this change at this point honestly but fine. 

Karazai the Scarred. Credit: Dylan Gould

Dawnbringer Book 3

A few changes here, but nothing really earth shattering. Neave, her Companions, and Ionus all gain the Thunderstrike keyword which effects some in-book effects with keywords and lets them roll more dice to deal mortal wounds on death. Ionus’ -1 attack ability also changed just like Krondys and Karazai to pick 1 unit within 3″ instead of just attacks targeting him. It’s nice that it’s consistent really but still a little strange to change. 

The Army of Renown command trait changed slightly on timing to be clear that effects triggered by a model’s death activate before the D6” move made by the general; essentially guarantees they can’t avoid being attacked or hit for a few mortal wounds before making the move. 


Another -1 attack debuff change. The Cloak of the Waxing Moon artefact now causes -1 attack on a unit within 1” instead of attacks targeting the bearer. A substantial buff as it’s on a small foot-hero without many wounds so will actually now make a difference. Whether you’re now going to actually take the artefact over the Pendant of the Fell Wind is hard to say; -1 attack is often better than -1 to wound but the Cloak has a much shorter range and only affects a single unit. 

Credit: PierreTheMime

All in all a lot of changes for the sake of consistency across a few debuffs in a few different books. If you have any questions or comments leave them below or email in to