The Goonhammer Open UK March 2024- Winners and Thank yous

This past weekend saw the return of the UK Goonhammer Open to 2024. It had something to offer everyone, acting as a qualifier for the World Championships of Warhammer for 40K and Age of Sigmar, alongside a Horus Heresy event. We had a great weekend and hope everyone that attended did as well!

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Thank yous

This event and others like it would not be possible for the assistance and support of many different people.

  • Bandua Wargaming, our terrain partner who ensure fair and great looking games and swag for all our attendees. They went above and beyond to ensure things arrived despite the best efforts of UK customs. Please check them out for your club or own setup at home.
  • Element Games for providing an absolute bonanza of prizes and vouchers
  • Army Painter for providing prizes to keep everyone’s hobby strong.
  • Artis Opus for the incredibly powerful gregbot powered brushes.
  • Hellstorm Wargaming, for their coverage of the event so people could follow along at home. Vods available for day one and day two.
    • Special thanks to Nick (@lambopaints) for his expertise with paint judging
  • The staff at the De Montfort Student Union for making the event as smooth as possible.
  • Most importantly all of our volunteers and staff who helped setup and pack up –  an under-appreciated but absolutely vital component of any event. Particular thanks to Mike and Jack who assisted with terrain logistics.

Warhammer 40,000

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After six rounds of glorious miniature combat, we have our first returning champion to take home the coveted Goonhammer Champion’s Belt – Josh Roberts.

Josh Roberts, returning UK Goonhammer Open Championship Belt holder at the March GHO 2024

Awards – Painting

Best Painted Army: Luke Ochrombel
Best Painted Single Mini: Ben Martin

Awards – Gaming

First: Josh Roberts
Second: Kyle Grundy
Third: Matthew McCurdy

Best Player on 5 win: Jack Tite
Best Player on 4 win: Nassim Fouchane
Best Player on 3 win: Robert Kimpton
Best Player on 2 win: Rob Parsons
Best Player on 1 win: Ash Wilkes
Most Determined Player: Phil Griffiths

Favored Foe – Jacob Simpson

Best in Faction

Imperium: Jack Tite
Xenos: Greg Chamberlain
Space Marines: Ashley Farn
Chaos: Alex Fowler

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Age of Sigmar

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After five epic clashes, we crowned our first UK Age of Sigmar belt holder – Baz Norman.

Baz Norman, the first Age of Sigmar UK Goonhammer Championship belt holder at the March 2024 GHO

Best Army: Chris Thursten
Favoured General: Jack Williams

Awards – Gaming

First: Baz Norman
Second: Jack Higgs
Third: Laura Bates

Best in Faction

Chaos: Jack Higgs
Destruction: Laura Bates
Order: Baz Norman
Death: Jack Williams

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Horus Heresy

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This weekend also hosted a small Horus Heresy friendly event, letting us play test some ideas for the Narrative Weekender event we are hosting in June.

Best Player: Will Haywood
Best Loyalist Army
: Tom Field
Best Traitor Army: Nick Atkins

Until next time

Thanks again to all of our crew and helpers – we absolutely couldn’t have done it without you. Surveys will be going out for feedback later this week, please let us know how we can improve and make the next one even better.

Speaking of the next one, the GHO returns in June for a joint Horus Heresy and Adeptus Titanicus narrative campaign alongside a WCW qualifier event for Kill Team with another belt on the line. The Heresy event is currently sold out, however we are planning to expand it shortly, so get on that waiting list if you are keen!

For Warhammer 40,000 fans, keep your eyes peeled for our follow up event later in the year. Regardless the system, we look forward to seeing you across the table soon.