The Vadinax Campaign Update, Week 2: February 6, 2023

The Vadinax Campaign is Goonhammer’s Global Crusade Campaign for Warhammer 40,000. Each week we’ll explore the major events taking place in the sector and talk about how players are shaping the ongoing story in the sector. 

It’s week 2 of the Vadinax Campaign and things are heating up. Players in the campaign have logged 389 games now, with battles raging across every planet in the sector.

The Imperium Dominus

The Imperium has to this point dominated games in Vadinax, putting up nearly as many campaign victory points as every other faction group combined. They’ve been led by the warriors of Strike Force Vengeance, the Lamenters’ 4th Company, and the Folly of Kyohara Nagiko, who have combined for nearly half the faction’s win totals. The Lamenters have been scouring the sector for any clues to the whereabouts of the Mendel, an ancient craft carrying pre-heresy genetic material that was lost in the warp eleven thousand years prior.

The Changing Winds of the Warp

For their part, the Chaos Vanguard forces have been led by Lucretia Skybreaker of the Architects of Calamity, a Slaanesh-dedicated warband of Chaos Space Marines. The efforts have not been enough to elevate She Who Thirsts, however – the machinations of the Changer of Ways have surged forward thanks to the combined efforts of different Thousand Sons cabals in the sector, putting Tzeentch in the primary position.

The Defense of Nal’Shara

The Aeldari forces in the sector have rallied to the defense of Nal’Shara, a maiden world still in pristine condition. Yet even as the Warhost of the Blazing Sun repels invaders, they search frantically for the ancient webway gates on the planet’s surface.

Votann Mining Operations

The vast mineral wealth of Vadinax has attracted a massive number of Votann kinhosts, of which none are greater than the Atlan Ascendancy, a moderately sized Kindred host led by the twin Kâhls, Hyvor and Vynn. They’ve won an impressive string of victories of late, besting the Bilious Brood of Fecundus most recently in a skirmish on Fyrkat.





[begin vox pickup, standard decoder, single stream]

If I asked for bubbly water, Mihaa, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. And now we’re not; shoo. Iska! You honor me with your whatever blah blah blah. How’re you?

[response stream, no pickup]

That’s fine! That’s fine, I love it. Always loved your pet elf, too. Keep him in line. Haha, no offense. Yeah. But keep him in line. We wanted to know -- me, in the royal capacity -- we wanted to know if you were available for hire under Warrant of Trade.

[response stream, no pickup]

Oh, right now, like, this second. It’s an emergency. It’s about The Joust.

[response stream, no pickup]

You know what I’m willing to pay to satisfy The Joust. Invitations were stolen, Iska. Invitations. They’re not simple things. They took months to make, and they signify absolute passage to the bearer. Even for the bad kind of Xenos.

[response stream, no pickup]

Oh don’t give me that. Your elf is already mad at me. I mean the ones that drive armor or hold intelligent conversations. Anyway, I need the invitations back. They’re physical things. I need them back, or I need them destroyed. I know your scale, and you know I pay on time.

[response stream, no pickup]

Woman, The Joust isn’t just more important than your life, it’s more important than my life. And it will happen. I have my position because I can -- we don’t need to get into this! Doesn’t matter! Just need those invitations back. I’ll transmit more on the subchannel, and signet-sign the payment agreement. And when you bring them back, we should feast.

[response stream, no pickup]

Of course you feast. I’ve seen you at the table, Iska. My steward is transmitting details now.

[end vox intercept stream, intrusion terminated]






Lord Mar

karios and his reavers have at last begun their assault on Kephistrone, but thus far the defenders of the Basilica of the Bloodied Shroud have made them pay dearly for every inch of ground taken. Morale in Kephistrone remains strong. Just as well; they have nowhere to retreat to anyway.

The 108th Valhallan Motor Rifles repulses the charge of the Death Guard in the outskirts of Kephistrone. Photo: Eddie V.

Elsewhere, the Space Marines of Strike Force Gladius have made landfall at Miltner’s Docks, but in this sector the forces of Chaos have maintained the upper hand thus far. In Espern’s Drift, the Sun’chur Dynasty has awoken to a face full of HUNT-R pattern bolters and rending claws, and are having difficulty marshaling their forces.

Deathwing Terminators of Strike Force Fervent Rebuke crash into the lines of the traitorous 91st Brimlock Dragoons in Miltner’s Docks. Photo: Christian R.



War has come to the planet’s surface, with the arrival of the Arkifane’s followers and a surge of clandestine acts from underground Genestealer Cults, the planet is in disarray. 

The forces of the Planetary Defence Force, known as the “Crimson Defenders” have been busy. First pushing back an offense by the Citrine Syndicate, but suffering heavy losses to the forces of the Changer of Ways. After that they were able to hold steady against encroaching Mechanicum forces, looking to pry archeotech from the Governor’s Palace. 

Pictured here, on the outskirts of the Governor’s Palace, the Crimson Defenders Leman Russ “Heavy Rain” faces off against the Explorators of Mars.

Elsewhere, the Imperial Reclamation Fleet “Sword of Hate” has made planetfall across the surface, taking aggressive action around the Star Port “Last Call”, pushing back against the forces of the Star Children.

The Host of the Arkifane has taken great steps toward taking control of the area surrounding the prison, sending multiple teams into the sewers beneath it to conduct preparations for some sort of ritual. The Tome Keepers Strike Force Empiricus has been hard at work gathering intel on the works of both the Thousand Sons and the True Sons of Horus that have been spotted under the prison. Emperor willing they can stop the ritual before it is complete.

Pictured here is the Exalted Sorcerer V’kesh Vhex of the Thousand Sons, responsible for the destruction of vanguard elements of the Black Templars, the decimation of the Crimson Defenders, and laid low the Kahn of the Kinhost of Thule with his psychic might.



With mounds of in-fighting between the Imperium forces as their leaders decide where to fortify, chaos and xenos forces take advantage and make plays for control of Manufactorum Primas and the Tomb of Saint Nilam.

Vykât Thuûrk makes his play for control of Manufactorum Primas launching his living missile at the enemy to annihilate their front. After several successful battles, Tôryk Cthynn has earned favor with the Kâhl and has earned the privilege of being head of the fleet’s spear. Imperium forces scramble to protect this key resource for the continued survival of the planet.

Vykât Thuûrk strikes at the heart of Magos-antiquitus Theseus’s Explorator Fleet.

Elsewhere, Imperium forces continue to mistake the 91st Cadian Mud Dogs for a chaos regiment. In-fighting spreads across the planet and if the Imperium hopes to keep control they must begin to push back at the growing tide of Chaos and Xenos taking over the Tomb of Saint Nilam.

The 91st Cadian Mud Dogs find themselves attacked once again by the Iron Hands Followers of the Revenant

After discovering an ancient Aeldari relic in the Manufactorum, Pa’ul Tredes of Craftworld Iásar-Athreith has set out on a quest to unlock its mysteries. He heard the relic whisper a quest to uncover a lost Webway Gate. What mysteries lie beyond.

Iásar-Athreith fighting in the Waagh Scrapyard attempting to wrest some control of the Ork lands from Warboss Skullsplitta and his Waaagh



Battle Group Athena has engaged The High Magistrate’s Army in Hive Soron and made minor gains. Intense fighting has been observed across the Lumina Radwastes. The Aeldari Xenos have committed significant resources to this region and strengthened their hold. Its strategic value remains unclear.





]=================== The Aquila’s Cry ===================[


This is Jex Yarum reporting live from the frontlines on all things Perplior

Imperial forces struck hard into exploring the interior of the Space Station Pumilian, defeating all foes in their way. Clearly spurious rumors state that sometimes their foes were other imperial forces… Heroic Astartes forces lead by Captain Cavillus have dedicated themselves to uncovering this station’s mysteries.

Led by Librarian Azeael Grimnus of the Blood Guard, Squad Callistan navigate the harrowing  halls of Space Station Pumilian, only to find themselves in combat with their allies. (Rob vs Jim)

Perfidious Chaos forces have established themselves in the dark corners of Armoury Complex Iota-7 with our valiant imperial forces holding the line. The foul Chaos commanders have been keeping Imperial forces at bay by bribing green skin hordes to tie up our troops. Large Xenos spore clusters have appeared as reports of missing civilians returning with strange personalities continue.

Hive Fleet Carnage takes on Decimators of Creen at the Armoury (Alex vs Evan)

The planet’s magna-rail system maintains a steady flow of material and personnel as Imperial forces hold control of the central Transit Station, Repand. Reports of metal men attacking and stealing strange treasures are largely exaggerated and should be ignored.

Brother-Interrogator Cenotpah stands valiantly against the Raptors of Praedus Noctis. (Michael vs Andrew)

The governor’s palace has been graced by the custodians of the emperor himself! Led to our illustrious planet by the algorithmic prophecies of Logis Rho-Bet-Sun, the torchbearer fleet Dauntless Intuition has arrived to a parade of blood angels and imperial guard. Torchbearer leaders have integrated themself with our benevolent government and are inspiring our PDF forces to even greater bravery.

Imperial forces maintain control of major pathways through the mysterious Steel Spire Mountains, but elusive Aeldari have been spotted at night and chaos marauders have been raiding more and more imperial convoys. Officials insist that this is a slight nuisance and will be resolved quickly.

The local thoroughfare to Hive Normet commonly referred to as “Sniper’s Alley” has seen increased heretical cult activity as supply transports are hijacked and destroyed.

Forces of Hive Fleet Charybdis decimate the advance scouts of Torchbearer fleet Dauntless Intuition. (Tyler vs James)

In Normet Hive, four armed monsters have been seen skulking in the sewers (clearly fabrications of local ragamuffins), while strange worker collectives have started rioting and even fighting heretical religious groups. Time will tell if these worker collectives have imperial interests at heart.

Ignore any reports of metal men skulking the sewers. (Steve vs Tom)

Do not panic my fellow citizens, the Emperor protects and all is well.




My Children….. Sons and Daughters of Perplior.  Our world is at war, besieged by the Heretic the Xenos and the Mutant.  They claw at the walls of our city and threaten the will of the God Emperor!

For this day forward, until the task is done, I enact the vow of conscription.  Every able-bodied citizen will serve to defend our homes for the God Emperor.

But do not fret my children, for the Emperor has blessed us with his Angels.  The Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters have come to aid Perplior in her defense,  May the wrath they visit on those who dared to step foot on our world be merciless.  And finally, my dear subjects….in these…our darkest days….we must place our faith in the Emperor…..  Defend your home, defend these cities, and you will be rewarded.

-Titus Plantowski, Planetary Governor


Huzzah Hobbies’ Perplior Crusade kick off was Friday January 27th. More than thirty crusaders rolled dice and went head to head in the mysterious halls of Space Station Pumilian and on the surface of Perplior. Each Friday Plastic Crack Anonymous hosts a crusade night where a majority of our players play their games for the week.

The creativity of the players in Plastic Crack Anonymous never ceases to amaze us. Narrative reports flood in as players write the stories of their forces on Perplior. Local player Jay produced T’au propaganda articles reporting his missions in Normet Hive. 

As the Campaign progresses player’s are also painting up their models for the fight. Nassir paints up his Heldrake for his faction, The Yellow Sign 

Charity the Heldrake! She’s named after Nassir’s superhero RPG character whose secret identity was a cupcake baker. Hence the sprinkles.

Local talent Parker finished up an Impulsor for his Black Templars

Instagram: Irrelevant_toad134

Rob took advantage of the custom rules for looted wagons from Goonhammer.

Groznik’s Big Ass Tank is Ready for Perplior

We’ve also utilized our great community to give back to the store that we play at. A dozen members came by and spent the afternoon fixing up broken terrain and painting well-used terrain back to a battle-ready standard. 

We rewarded crusaders who came out to help repair terrain by giving them 1RP for their Army!

Moving forward we plan to host hobby days to fight the grey, more terrain fixing days and even a multi-day narrative mini-campaign that ties into the battle for Perplior!

Next Week: More War

That wraps up our look at the Vadinax Campaign results this week but tune in next week when we revisit the results and look at some of the storylines simmering beneath the surface of things. Until then, if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at