UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: February 16, 2024

The Unified Tournament Circuit is a regional circuit for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar which covers the area between Virginia and Newfoundland. You can find the full calendar of UTC events here.

Last Weekend’s Event

We’re back to multiple events this week! We’ve got a hefty number of events to cover and I wanna get back to playing Helldivers 2 so lets get to it.

Palladium Games February AoS RTT

(Phoenixville, PA)

Ironjawz Gore-Gruntas. Credit: Rich Nutter

Kicking us of we have a Palladium AoS RTT. The winner of the event was Joe Shoemaker, with some Ironjawz pig spam. The list makes use of the Bloodtoofs subfaction to enable some good movement tricks with the pigs, and makes them battle line to help flood the board with 30-50 feral orks on hogs. Congrats Joe!

  • Joe Shoemaker (Bottom Table Bullies) – Ironjawz
  • Jeremy Veysseire (Corsairs) – Flesh Eater Courts
  • Rolf Ritchie (Guys and Dolls) – Disciples Tzeentch

Ottawa Winter Open

(Ottawa, ON)

Kasrkin Kill Team. Credit: Jack Hunter

Next up is a 40k GT out of Ottawa. The event was won by John Winter Russel, and their Astra Millitarum. The list takes advantage of the new order rules to juice up some scions and Kasrkin, there’s even some rough riders here!. This marks yet another day that I get to tell our resident Guard player, Scott Horas “Heresy” that guard are indeed good. 

As with all the GT results, you can find a more detailed breakdown of the event and its lists over in this week’s Competitive Innovations – Link HereThe write-up includes a detailed showdown analysis from Stat Check’s Jeremy Atkinson. John’s list had an impressive run this weekend, plowing through Necrons, Thousand Sons, Custodes, Grey Knights, and Daemons in the finals to claim top honors at the event.

  1. John Winter Russell (Imperia-Lys) – Astra Militarum
  2. Will Paul – Adeptus Custodes
  3. Chris Hanes (Canhammer) – Adeptus Custodes

Midgards February 40k ITC Tournament

(Derry, NH)

Kill Rig. Credit: Rockfish
Kill Rig. Credit: Rockfish

This 40k RTT was won by Steven Pampreen and their Orks. The list features a whole mess of boys and warbosses in addition to two kill rigs. Hope you guys missed those things from ninth because it seems they’re back in a big way.

  • Steven Pampreen (1 place higher than Alex) – Orks
  • Phillip D’Anjou (Jacked and Tan) – Tyranids
  • Casey Glynn (Dirty Drew and the Boyz) – Necrons

Games N Friends Winter GT

(Springfield, MA)

Retributors. Credit: Corrode

Here we have another 40k GT coming out of Massachusetts. The winner of the event was Daniel Wohlmuth and their Adepta Sororitas. The list is your standard fare of Sisters good stuff featuring three retributors and a whole mess of jump pack sisters. Seems you don’t really need the Triumph to win games

  • Daniel Wohlmuth (Battle for Salvation) – Adepta Sororitas 
  • Alexander Fennell (Team Battle Brothers) – Necrons
  • Sean Keaveny (Death or Glory) – Adeptus Mechanicus

40k February RTT Fabricator’s Forge

(Coraopolis, PA)

Credit: Liebot – https://instagram.com/liebot_pics

Yet another 40k RTT coming at ya, this time from Fabricator’s Forge. The event was won by TJ Lanigan and his Daemons list. The list features a bunch of big dudes: Belakor, GUO, Rotigus, Kairos, and a normal Lord of Change along with just an embarrassment of plaguebearers (Rob: I believe that the technical term for a group of Plaguebearers is “a landfill”). Seems like Nurgle, the coolest and best chaos god (behind Vashtorr (god status pending)) is back in vogue.

  • TJ Lanigan (USA) – Chaos Daemons 
  • Ryan Snyder – Adeptus Astartes
  • Marcus Kehoe (Da Kheeke Klappas) – Imperial Knights

Alternate Universes February Warhammer 40k Tournament

(East Norriton, PA)

Great Unclean One
Great Unclean One – Credit: RichyP

Closing us out is one last 40k RTT out of PA. the event was won by Cory White and their Daemons. While TJ’s list had a smattering of bigs from other gods, this list goes whole hog on the Nurgle theme with the exception of one unit of flesh hounds. We’re talking 3 GUOs and Rotigus, 60 plaguebearers and even some plague drones. It’s just a wall of rotting meat to chew through and you absolutely love to see it.

  • Cory White – Chaos Daemons
  • Derek Apsche (Cuddle Buddies) – Grey Knights
  • Alex Miller (Second Founding) – Necrons

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And that’s all we have for this week. Join us next time when we change things up and talk about warhammer tournaments maybe!

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