Vadinax Update, Week 10: April 5, 2023

The Vadinax Campaign is Goonhammer’s Global Crusade Campaign for Warhammer 40,000. Each week we’ll explore the major events taking place in the sector and talk about how players are shaping the ongoing story.

Piggybacking on our late update from last week we have a quick update this week. If you missed the most recent update before this, you can find it here.

A staggering 548 battles have been fought over the Vadinax Sector to-date and this week marks the end of another era. Starting this week players are once again escalating their force sizes, adding another 500 points to their Orders of Battle.

The Plan on Keplon Nears Completion

A late surge from Chaos forces led primarily by the Architects of Calamity has seen the forces of Chaos break through Imperial defenses on Keplon and now they near their target: an ancient sled of unknown origin held in the personal museum of the governor’s palace. Claiming the treasure itself is no small feat, but in order to do so the Chaos warlords may have to deal with more than just enemy forces…



With the surface of Agrippa plagued with the mutant blight spewing from under the prison the war has shifted to a game of territory clearing. The forces of the Reclamation Fleet and the Agrippan PDF have made several pushes around the planet, being met on all fronts by the World Eater and their Neverborn counterparts.

The host of Daemons led by Daemon Prince Greggorian have been on a tear, assaulting the holds of the Adeptus Mechanicus in search of the caches left behind by the Heretical Rogue Trader that colonized the planet. 

Intelligence gleaned from intercepted communications has shown plans to assault the Governor’s Palace in the coming months, leading the forces of order to begin preparing a defense. The General of the PDF has begun mobilizing the PDF to keep watch on the walls surrounding the palace, but whether or not that will be enough to stop them is yet to be seen. 



After the third or fourth Administratum scribe failed to report back from auditing the cargo manifest of the Auger of Truth, the Imperial authorities on Kephistrone finally realized that the Departmento Laborum mining vessel has been infiltrated by a genestealer cult. The genestealers made an emergency launch in an attempt to reach the safety of the asteroid belt of Espern’s Drift, but Kephistrone’s orbital defenses clipped it on its ascent, causing it to make an emergency landing far to the east.

This immediately kicked off a race to the crash site. The Votann frigates of the Trans-Hyperion Alliance were destroyed in the confusion at Kephistrone, so the Kahls raced from Algol VII to the Auger of Truth in an attempt to avoid being marooned on Parasbine Secundus. They arrived to find the Departmento Laborum under attack by Strike Force Gladius, the ship having landed inadvertently touched down near Rally Point Dauntless.

Blood Angels Assault Intercessors from Strike Force Angelos charge across the wastes towards the genestealer-tainted miners of the Departmento Laborum. Photo: Sam M.

The Sororitas-led forces in Kephistrone also set out to purge the heretical xenos taint from the Auger of Truth. Their motor pool stopped in the small refueling station of Haxan, only to discover the attendants had been gruesomely murdered by the destroyer cults of the Sun’Chur Dynasty. This quickly led to large-scale skirmishes in the small settlement as the Imperials attempt to buy themselves time to rearm and refuel.

Penitent Engines under the supervision of the Order of the Guilded Thorn charge towards the Necron menace. Photo: Greg ‘Klobasnek’ Narro

The Repentia from the Order of the Unyielding Stand are ambushed by Sun’Chur Ophydian Destroyers. Photo: Chris C.

Meanwhile, dissension has turned into outright civil war between the chaos factions loyal to Malioch Soulbinder and Lord Makarios. Malioch has been surreptitiously gathering as much Blackstone as he can get his hands on to build… something… around his stronghold at Miltner’s Docks. Makarios has tired of Malioch prioritizing his schemes over the success of the invasion, and his forces have struck out towards Miltner’s Docks to force his loyalty and the point of a blade.

Festus Gwutch and the Infested Brethren fend off The Raven’s Feast, an undivided force of daemons allied with Malioch Soulbinder. Photo: Joel T.



This week the Moon experienced a lot of action. Eldar are attempting to awaken something dormant that is hidden there. The forces of Shrine Sanctuary Lucia were pulled away from their protection duties at the Tomb in order to protect long lost Imperial assets on the Moon from Ork invaders. The corrupted knight house Rusted Talon has also clawed their way to the Moon in an attempt to secure resources they seem to think will be vital in upcoming battles.

Shrine Sanctuary Lucia warding off the Waagh! Mek Stompa on a derelict Moon Base, Credit: GFDoubles

Next Week: Threads Wrapped Up

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