Warlord Wednesdays: Legion Focus – Legio Krytos

Welcome back to Goonhammer’s series for aspiring Titan Principes. We here at Goonhammer’s own Collegia Titanica know that Adeptus Titanicus can seem intimidating to players unfamiliar with its particular quirks, but this series aims to equip you with everything you’ll need to play out epic clashes on the battlefields of the far future with your very own Titan Battlegroup. In this series, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at the various Legios of the Collegia Titanica – exploring their origins and how to use them on the tabletop, from maniple selection and their loadouts, through to how to command them on the field of battle to secure ultimate victory.

This week we’re looking at Legio Krytos “God Breakers”, who do not do subtlety at all and favour the overwhelming firepower of Warlord Titans to completely annihilate everything before them. 

Legio Krytos Battlegroup. Credit: sulecrist/@prosecutorpainting (Insta)

Who are Legio Krytos?

The God Breakers weren’t shy about excessive force and the resulting collateral damage during the Great Crusade. They were specialists in siege warfare and were often supported by the Iron Warriors in their conquests, leaving behind countless scores of devastated worlds. The most notable being Tallarn, which was a verdant agri-world before the largest armoured battle of the Horus Heresy turned it into a barren desert.

Legio Krytos Battlegroup. Credit: @amrypooins (insta)

Painting Legio Krytos

We asked our friend Serotonin (@amrypooins) for his method for painting up his Legio Krytos battlegroup which nails that minty green finish. 

I instantly fell in love when I saw some titans previewed at a Warhammer World day painted in an unusual shade of light green. I learned these were Legio Krytos and went about looking for the quickest and simplest way to replicate it. I loved the fact that these traitorous evilTitans weren’t in the usual chaos aligned colours of reds and blacks. I have to admit to being slightly disappointed when the more ‘official’ colour scheme, a much more conventional, darker green, was released in the Titan Death supplement. Personally I think the preview colour scheme I have tried to replicate is striking and quite unique.

I use a variety of brands of paint, usually so I can avoid mixing too many, and so I can use ones that are easier to put through my airbrush and don’t need as much thinning. I tend to paint the armour plates on the sprue with an airbrush but pre assemble the ‘skeleton’ of the titan.

There’s nothing interesting about my skeleton recipe: its the usual black base colour, then zenithal painted with Vallejo Model Air Gunmetal and Vallejo Model Air Steel, washed with nuln oil and dry brushed.

For the green areas of the armour I used a base colour of Vallejo Model Air Greyish Blue. Don’t be deceived, it’s much closer to a pale green than a blue. When airbrushing I first basecoat with a 70/30 mix of Greyish Blue and Vallejo Model Colour German Dark Green. I then highlight up through to a final highlight of about 50/50 Greyish Blue and white.

My white recipe is a base coat of Vallejo Model Air Light Grey highlighted progressively up to pure white. It’s nice and easy to achieve a good crisp white colour this way.

I seal my armour with a gloss varnish ( I use Joshnson’s Klear floor polish) and then pin wash with Nuln Oil Gloss. I can then go back and touch up any runs or smudges of Nuln Oil with a light brush of isopropyl alcohol. The gloss coat protects the paint beneath and as long as you don’t overload the brush with isopropyl or scrub too hard, it’s a very effective technique.

The trim is Vallejo Game Colour Glorious Gold, washed with Agrax Earthshade and edge highlighted with Citadel Liberator Gold.

Legio Krytos Warlord. Credit: @amrypooins (insta)
Legio Krytos Warlord. Credit: @amrypooins (insta)

Krytos in Adeptus Titanicus

We need to be upfront here: Krytos don’t have the strongest set of rules to work with. Their legion trait prices you out of games smaller than 1500 points, their stratagems are for destroying terrain and then ignoring the effects of the aftermath but don’t help directly against enemy models, and their unique wargear isn’t the best. Taken in the abstract, they’re in the running for one of the weakest sets of legion rules in the game.

In other words, if you’re playing Krytos, it’s not because you’re looking for the best set of rules to beat your opponent, and that’s fine. Your best tricks involve using Warlords to literally flatten the board and open up firing lanes that will allow you to take out your opponent’s Titans, but doing so isn’t without risk: every shot you take at a building is one that (probably) won’t hit a Titan.

None of this is to say that you shouldn’t play Krytos – Titanicus is a largely narrative game, and Krytos’s livery is striking and looks amazing on the table. Our goal here is to help you figure out what the tools available to you do, and how you can best use them in your games. Just be aware that you’ll probably be starting most of your games at something of a disadvantage.

Legio Krytos Warlord. Credit: sulecrist/@prosecutorpainting (Insta)

Tactical Overview

Doom of Worlds allows you to swap the mandatory Reaver in a Myrmidon for a Warlord. This is potentially “Too much of a good thing”, which we’ll cover later in Maniple selection. It’s unique, though, and probably the best use-case for the Myrmidon’s somewhat lackluster legion trait: the fewer pieces you have on the board, the more important having reliable access to Split Fire and First Fire orders becomes.

Soggy: It would be so more useful if this let you swap a Warlord for a mandatory Reaver in any Maniple, as this would allow for some fun combinations such as in a Ferrox or Venator.

Scorched Earth lets you add 2 to the strength of all of your attacks while targeting terrain for 1CP. If the board you’re playing on is cramped and doesn’t have the fire lanes you need to win, you can use this to make them. It’s an interesting trick to have in your back pocket, especially if you’ve decided to use your legion trait to field a trio of lumbering Warlords.
Many people don’t use terrain destruction rules by default, especially if they haven’t played many games, so be sure to communicate with your opponent the values required to destroy each piece of terrain. And even players who do use destructible terrain won’t expect you to level the playing field out of the gate, which can create some uncomfortable moments for Knights and smaller Titans who typically rely on hiding out of sight in early rounds.

Iron Endures is also 1 stratagem point, and lets you reduce the strength of hits you take from traversing dangerous terrain. Once you’ve leveled the battlefield and removed your opponents’ ability to hide, this stratagem will let you push forward to run them down without having to worry about taking damage, even if you’re moving at full tilt. It’s not incredible, but could be useful in certain situations. Unfortunately, dangerous terrain is somewhat rare. It pairs extremely well with the Scatterable Mines stratagem, which is probably the most common source of dangerous terrain you’ll run into.

Earthbreaker Missiles are an upgrade to your Apocalypse Missile Launchers, costing 10 points on a Reaver or 20 on a Warlord. Instead of firing the launcher normally, you can instead opt to give it the Quake trait and add 5 to it’s strength while targeting terrain but dramatically reduce its number of shots (to 1 for a Reaver or 2 for a Warlord). This upgrade has some great utility, keeping your Apocalypse Missile Launchers relevant once a Titan has lost it’s voids or if you want a good chance at destroying some terrain before firing with your big guns. Take it if you’ve got 20 points to spend, but probably don’t build around it.

Condit: Quake is a cool trait, but to get the most mileage out of this you’ll need clever positioning and liberal use of the Split Fire order. It can also be used to give you another source of Quake on a Warlord that’s not packing a quake cannon, so keep that in mind. Being able to cut down the movement of 2-3 Titans per turn is useful and will help you funnel your targets into overlapping arcs of fire where you can cut them down.

Legio Krytos have three personal traits at their disposal, but none of them are particularly inspiring. Look at Swift Killer to ensure you don’t get outflanked with your number activations, especially if you’re going for a “heavy metal” maniple of three Warlords.

Godlike Contempt allows the Princeps Senioris to issue an order to their Titan even if another Titan or Knight banner with smaller scale has failed one previously. Useful in non-Myrmidon maniples, this will help ensure you always get the chance to issue an order to your Princeps Senioris and let you save it until later in the phase – this will let you order your Princeps without potentially giving away that you won’t be moving in the case of First Fire, for example.

Bair: Especially useful on a Warlord Seniores with only smaller titans in its maniple, such as a Mandatum, to be able to risk other orders first and still be able to go on your full stride, split fire, or whatever else you need. Just unfortunate it does not gel well with the one maniple they are designed to use with their Doom of Worlds trait. 

With World Bane, any terrain destroyed by the Princeps Senioris becomes dangerous terrain if it wasn’t already. This allows you to level the table to give your Maniple line of sight, but at the same time not give your opponent an shortcut to close in. If you like destroying terrain, this is cool, but you’re probably better off with a different trait.

Bair: This could be fun in narrative missions/events depending on the objective – at one event I went to, a mission called for the Loyalists to cross the board to score points with more titans coming on from their own board edge whenever one died. This could actually help to slow them down after knocking out that piece of blocking terrain that a Warhound was going to hide behind.

Path of Iron allows the Princeps to make a single smash attack during the movement phase provided it is against a model of scale 3 or less providing you can clear your base. Sounds kind of weird, but keep in mind that if you used your legion trait, you’ve got a very low model-count army, so every attack you’re allowed to make helps. It’s a shame this only applies to Questoris Knights at the time of writing. Plus, the short movement speed of Warlords means you’re probably going to have to push to make use of it, and you’ll likely only get one or two of them.

We haven’t made much mention of the Titans of Legend in this series, but the Hammer of Tyrants is a fantastic unique God-Engine complement to your forces. Equipped with a Sunfury, Bellicosa and Carapace of your choice, it does not suffer from rolling 1s when using its Sunfury’s Maximal Fire trait, letting you pile strength 10+ shots into any target whose shields you manage to collapse. In addition, the first time it lands a Critical Hit it’s reactor goes back to the first hole. This Warlord embodies the Godbreakers’ affinity for excessive firepower, and quite honestly might be the best thing Krytos have going for them.

Legio Krytos Warhound. Credit: sulecrist/@prosecutorpainting (Insta)

Maniple Choice

Unlike other Legios, Legio Krytos’ traits don’t particularly align with any maniples aside from the Doom of Worlds trait, so we’ll mostly look into that. You could look at a Fortis or Regia maniple and still do an OK job of flattening terrain, but you give up the ability to take that third Warlord.

Myrmidon maniples have been a rare sight for us at the events we’ve been to, due to their high cost with low number of activations. Substituting in another Warlord turns this up to 11, putting you at 1500 points with three lumbering activations, a corridor-arc weapon on each model, and a high risk of being outflanked.

This completely changes the game for you, as you will really have to deploy well to ensure that your fire lanes won’t be denied and that you can score some quick kills to nullify your opponent’s activation advantage. Fortunately, between your legion-specific stratagems, the Warlords’ overwhelming firepower, and the Myrmidon’s ability to reliably get Split Fire and First Fire orders, you’ll be able to clear out firing lanes and lay down serious firepower wherever it’s needed.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at a 1500 point list which just fits the Doom of Worlds. Triple Warlords isn’t for the faint of heart, but with some clever play (and a little luck) you will stand alone astride the wreckage of your opponent’s engines strewn across a smoldering hellscape of your own creation.

Legio Krytos Battlegroup – 1490 pts

Myrmidon Battleline Maniple Maniple – 1490 pts

Warlord Titan – 490 pts 

  • Princeps Senioris – Swift Killer
  • Macro Gatling Blaster
  • Paired Gatling blasters
  • Sunfury Plasma Annihilator

Warlord Titan – 505 pts 

  • Macro Gatling Blaster
  • Apocalypse Missile Launchers – Earthbreaker Missiles 
  • Bellicosa Volcano Cannon

Warlord Titan – 495 pts 

  • Mori Quake Cannon
  • Apocalypse Missile Launchers – Earthbreaker Missiles 
  • Bellicosa Volcano Cannon

To those who take three Warlords at 1500 points, we salute you. With this week’s “Steiner Scout Lance” you’ll need to be on top of your game if you want to claim victory, starting with deployment.

With only three drops, you will need to deploy in a manner that will ensure you have something to shoot at for the first few turns, regardless of where your opponent drops. Each of your Warlords have preferred engagement ranges, which you will need to consider with their placement and movement. 

The Princeps Senioris will lead from the front in their Brawler Warlord, making use of Swift Killer to help you find your mark. The firesupport Warlord will sit in the backline, dropping voids and vaporizing armour from afar. The other Warlord can flex in either direction and engage at any range, making use of the Macro Gatling for called shots to finish off targets.

Since you’ve only got three Titans, you’ll need to make sure you’re firing as many of their guns as often as possible. Use Split Fire and First Fire orders aggressively to ensure you’re getting as many shots off as possible into targets that matter.

From a stratagem perspective, Scatterable Mines is often frowned upon for being undercosted and too strong, but in your case it will prove an essential asset to slow down enemy Titans and keep them in optimal range. This can also pair with Iron Endures, although Warlord Leg armour is so tough you could probably give this a miss. Think about what other stratagems complement the table and scenario you are facing, Warp Displacement can be a godsend when playing Retrieval or Vital Cargo. Overcharged Cannon is a great pick on the Princeps Senoris, allowing their Sunfury to single handedly oneshot unvoided Titans.

Playing against Krytos

Krytos aren’t going to be shy about destroying terrain you try to hide behind, so let them. Every shot they take at a building is one they didn’t take at once of your Titans, and once it’s down you’ll have clear line of sight at whatever Titans killed it. If you don’t give them a good target, don’t expect that to last long, and plan your deployment and movement so you can take advantage of it as well. Just keep in mind that destroyed terrain leaves behind difficult terrain, so advancing straight through it is slower than normal.

Spread your targets out across the board, even if they’re behind cover. Krytos players are going to be tempted to go triple Warlord, and even if they don’t, Warlords and Warbringers are the best platforms to destroy terrain. Both of those large chassis have corridor-arc carapace weapons, which makes them easier to dodge. Plus, if you can force your opponent to issue Split Fire orders, then they won’t be issuing First Fire, which will cut down on the number of weapons firing at you every turn significantly. Finally, those Titans’ big guns with 5” blast templates mean that grouping up is only giving up free hits.

Legio Krytos Warlord. Credit: sulecrist/@prosecutorpainting (Insta)

Raze Them to the Ground

Whilst they might not be as strong rules-wise compared to other members of the Collegia Titanica, Legio Krytos still have some fun, thematic rules with one of the best liveries in the setting. Embrace it, go full tilt and set the worlds ablaze.