An Age of Sigmar Interview With Treebeard

After he had competed in the World Championships of Warhammer I sat down with Reece Fraser, one of six Sylvaneth players and the only one to represent Team Scotland in Age of Sigmar. Prior to the event we profiled another sylvaneth list, so before we dive in let’s take a look at Reece’s list.

Reece Fraser Sylvaneth List- Click to Expand

Army Faction: Sylvaneth
– Army Subfaction: Heartwood
– Grand Strategy: Spellcasting Savant
– Seasons of War: The Reaping


1 x Alarielle the Everqueen (820)*
– Spells: Verdant Blessing + lore of Deepwood

1 x Arch-Revenant (120)*
– General
– Command Traits: Warsinger
– Artefacts: Arcane Tome


6 x Kurnoth Hunters with Kurnoth Greatbows (230)*
– Huntmaster

3 x Kurnoth Hunters with Kurnoth Greatbows (230)*
– Huntmaster

5 x Tree-Revenants (110)*
– Scion
– Glade Banner Bearer
– Waypipes
– Protector Glaive

5 x Tree-Revenants (110)*
– Scion
– Glade Banner Bearer
– Waypipes
– Protector Glaive

5 x Tree-Revenants (110)*
– Scion
– Glade Banner Bearer
– Waypipes
– Protector Glaive


1 x Spiteswarm Hive (40)


1 x Awakened Wyldwood (0)


*Battle Regiment
TOTAL POINTS: (2000/2000)

A well painted Sylvaneth Army
Water Bottle was not a proxy in this army. While not American in origin this army looks like it could protect wild turkeys in the runup to thanksgiving.

How did you win your ticket?

I won Broken Realms GT 3 a 72 player event in Glasglow.

A trophy in a car

What Army did you bring and why?

I took Sylvaneth (oakenbrow) this is the only army I play because I love the lore, models, gameplay and they are the closest things to wood elves I can get to which is my love in all video games even more so with warhammer.

Was there any battleplan or army that you didn’t want to play?

The main battleplan I didn’t want to play was zephyr as it just makes my list null void outside of that army wise mainly obr or anything with high save stacking as with only one rend on my bows its difficult to kill units

So you went 4-4 against a group of people that all won the right to represent their country How did you find the event and the games?

i found the event to be extremely tough playing some of the top players in the world was challenging but felt I have learned loads from it whilst making friends along the way meeting tons of new people.

This was the first World Championships of Warhammer is there anything you would suggest for next year?

I think providing a lunch on each day for players would be my main suggestion given the size of the company seemed a bit odd that none was provided.

What are your upcoming plans?

I’m on team Scotland for worlds in Amsterdam so that’s my next big event.

Did any of the other Sylvaneth lists have something you didn’t expect? Did you pick up anything from the other golden ticket holders playing your army?

The other tree players lists where either similar to mine or one’s I have seen in the past nothing really new personally but it was great to meet others playing the same army it is a rarity in my local meta.

Thanks again for speaking with us. Congrats again on making it to the World Championships and good luck at Worlds!

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