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Sing it with me –

From the depths of hell in silenceCast their spells, explosive violenceRussian night time flight perfectedFlawless vision, undetected
Pushing on and on, their planes are going strongAir Force number oneSomewhere down below they’re looking for the foeBomber’s on the runYou can’t hide, you can’t move, just abideTheir attack’s been proved (raiders in the dark)Silent through the night the witches join the fightNever miss their mark
Canvas wings of deathPrepare to meet your fateNight Bomber Regiment588

For those in the back – here’s the song, Night Witches, by Sabaton.

We here at Go On, Hammer (and Sickle) have worked on quite a few articles about the Soviet state through the years. For now we’ve mostly written about infantry games like Bolt Action and Chain of Command, but in the next few months be on the lookout for some sweet dogfight action on the Eastern Front as well. You can click on the banners below or the links beneath them to visit the related article.

Lenoon’s Victrix T34 Tank Review

Let’s start with Lenoon’s Victrix T34 Review – the tank that won the war. These 12mm tanks assemble great and you even get the upgunned T34-85 sprue included. There are tons of extras included. Enjoy the paint and weathering that Lenoon did on these tiny tanks!

Lenoon’s Victrix Soviet Infantry Review

We have another Lenoon banger here – this time for bagminis. Since they’re 12mm in one bag of dudes stapled together at the top you get almost an entire Rifle Company. Many gamers will paint them up and base them on multi-bases for larger action games like O Group or others, but Lenoon decided to individually base his guys here for a game of Chain of Command or Bolt Action. The motherland loves ingenuity.

Michael O’s Guide to Painting Soviet Tanks with Color Modulation

Probably some of the best paint I’ve ever done on historical minis, these are plastic and resin 28mm (1/56 scale, of course) tanks that I used a color modulation technique on. I am not a natural artist – it’s impossible for me to see where shadows fall and light hits naturally – so using the guides and teaching from a class I took definitely helped me use my airbrush to maximum ability here.

HardyRoach’s Soviet Women’s Rifle Brigade Force History and Model Showcase

One of the most in-depth force profiles along with some awesome minis, HardyRoach did a great job on this article. We’re working on more force profiles like this so definitely check back in the near future for some sweet short histories – but in the mean time read this amazing one on the role of women in Soviet WW2 infantry forces. While you’re there check out the amazing Bad Squiddo Games (she’s a goon, too!) female infantry minis that you can make an entire force out of.

That wraps up our look back at the Hammer and Sickle (so far!) here at Go On Hammer (and Sickle). Drop us a note in the comments below, share your photos on our Patron Discord, or email us at contact@goonhammer.comAnd for more great content and updates to your inbox, check out our weekly newsletter.