How To Paint Everything: Ogor Gorgers

The new Warcry Ogor Gorgers are some really cool models, in this guide I’ll go through how to paint the dirty, warm-ish white skin and other details mostly using ProAcryl paints from Monument Hobbies.

  1. Prime with Vallejo Surface Primer Black
  2. All over spray with ProAcryl Dark Warm Grey
  3. 45° spray with ProAcryl Bright Warm Grey
  4. Paint the eyes with black and white, the gums with Scalecolor Artist Pink Flesh, and the teeth with ProAcryl Golden Brown

5. Paint the bones, skulls, and bits and pieces with ProAcryl Ivory
6. Paint the fingernails and toenails with ProAcryl Golden Brown
7. Paint the loincloth with ProAcryl Dark Umber
8. Paint the wraps with ProAcryl Coal Black and the fletchings with ProAcryl Burned Red

9. Paint the rope with Scalecolor Artist Buff, the hair with ProAcryl Coal Black, and the leather straps and bits of horn with Citadel Rhinox Hide
10. Paint the rock with Dark Warm Grey.
11. Oil wash with 1:1 Burned Umber and Black Wipe excess from flat surfaces with white spirit on a cottonbud.
12. Highlight back up with the paints used previously, edge highlight with those paints mixed with ProAcryl Bright Ivory.

Finishing touches:
I decided to repaint the ropes in red, a little more colour contrast seemed like a good idea (ProAcryl Burnt Red + Bold Pyrrole Red). I rusted up the cuffs and chains with some thinned down Citadel Doombull Brown applied as a heavy wash, then used Vallejo Model Air Silver to add some chips and scratches to the edge.

Credit: Keewa

The main feature of these models is the grey, chalky skin, hopefully if you follow this method, you’ll get a serviceable, semi-realistic version of that.

That’s it from me, see you next time!