Mission Generator

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Random Rulebook Mission

Pick a random official mission (coward mode)

  • Matched Play: Balanced missions designed around competitive play.
  • Narrative Play: Asymmetrical missions designed to tell a story, or fit into a larger narrative.
  • Open Play: Casual missions for players to just get playing.
Mission Type
  • Maelstrom of War: Missions that use tactical objectives.
  • Crucible of War: Narrative play missions with an Attacker and a Defender.
  • Echoes of War: Historical missions that require specific armies or forces.
  • Cities of Death: Battles that take place in urban combat zones.
  • Planetstrike: Battles where an Attacking force is descending from above. Requires fortifications.
  • Stronghold Assault: Battles where an Attacking force is laying siege to the Defender’s position. Requires fortifications.
  • Death From the Skies: Aerial forces battle for control of the skies.
  • Zone Mortalis: Close-ranged battles in tight quarters. for 1,000 points and below.

Randomly Generated Mission

Create your own mission (bravery mode)

  • Game length:
  • Primary Objectives:
    Surprise me!
    Tactical Objectives (cards)
  • Deployment Map:
    Surprise me!
    Players roll off
  • Deployment Order:
    All at once
  • Secondary Objectives:
    Default (StW/LB/FB)
  • Twist?