Battletech: Mech Overview: Mad Cat

Howdy tube-men and welcome to our first Mech Overview, focusing in on the game stats of different mechs and their variants and how to best use them. Mechs are obviously the main draw of Battletech, and everyone will be...

Battletech: Basic Tactics and Playing High Tech vs. Low Tech

The extent of force composition rules in Battletech are simple Battle Value (BV) balancing - both sides should end up with approximately the same total. The simplicity of these rules commonly causes a divide between people who prefer to spend that BV budget on more mechs or spend it on better mechs. As with nearly everything in Battletech, there's very little consensus on which is better.

Battletech: How to Make a Good Lance

Force contstruction in Battletech is mechanically simple but conceptually complex. Peri works through two different methods of building a lance and what tools you'll need.

Battletech: Main Gun Combatmath

This week the Hammer of Math comes over to Battletech, where we break down how the various "main guns" perform.

Battletech: Playing Your First Game

Welcome back to more Battletech. We have covered the starter boxes, currently available units, books, and other products, as well as a brief primer on the factions and timeline. This week we will talk about actually playing your first few games of the big cool robot game, and what a "Standard" game of Battletech even is.

Battletech: Faction Overview – Invader Clans

Battletech has a lot of factions. Up this week are the Invader Clans, the seven animal themed, Mongol empire LARPing, stupidly high tech, deranged honor cults who invaded from deep space. There are many more Clans, but the Homeworld Clans are mostly Free Worlds League levels of insignificant.

Battletech: Unit Roles

Battletech can be a byzantine game to understand sometimes. In the 40 years of this game being around, they have released hundreds of units with thousands of variants, and in order to force some order out of the chaos,...

Battletech: Faction Overview – Successor States

Battletech has a huge amount of factions, both major and minor, all of which are well fleshed out with long histories and appealing traits that can make one want to play them. One of the most interesting things about...

Battletech: Era Overview

  Battletech is a very, very long running wargame, and has had a constantly progressing metaplot over that entire period. With nearly 40 years of sourcebooks and lore to sift through, Catalyst has divided the timeline into several Eras, with...

Battletech: Expanding on the Starter Boxes: Clans and Mercenaries

Greetings Ristars and welcome to part two of the grand mistake that was choosing to review every mech CGL sells right now. This article will focus in on the Clan Star packs and the mechs contained within them. For...