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Model Review: Inquisition Kill Team (Ashes of Faith)

The Inquisitor Kill Team from Ashes of Faith goes up for preorder today and that makes it a good time to talk about the models in the kit and the experience assembling and painting them. Ashes of Faith, huh? What...

Goonhammer Historicals: Victrix T34

Last week I reviewed the Victrix 12mm/1:144 Soviet Infantry, and this week it's the turn of the stalwart workhorse of the Red Army - the T34. Before diving in, we’d like to thank Victrix for sending these over for review. There's...

Goonhammer Historicals: Wargames Atlantic French Infantry (1916-1940) Review

This week the Goonhammer Historicals crew turned their (somewhat) expert eyes to the French Infantry (1916-1940) plastic kit. This is a versatile kit with a lot of options, so along with a review of the models we’ll take a...

Goonhammer Historicals – WoFun Games Model and Product Review

As a fellow wargamer and friend, you may have considered the following conundrum: “I want to play games now, yet also in a way that is visually appealing on a grand scale and it will not take approximately 10,000...

Horus Heresy Model Review: Cerberus Tank Destroyer

This week both the Cerberus and Sicaran Venator go up for pre-order, so we can all get our grubby little mitts on the Heresy's largest and fastest tank destroyers. Before we get stuck in, a thank you to Games...

Model Review: Strike Force Agastus

Games Workshop sent us a whole pile of new Space Marines, and the team's been busy with their clippers and brushes. Here are at their thoughts on building and painting the new kits.

Model Review: Horus Heresy Sky Hunter Jetbikes

They're finally here! The plastic jetbikes we've all (well, at least all the White Scars players) been waiting for. Games Workshop have sent me a free box of them to review, and while I haven't been able to get paint on them yet we can take a look at what's in the box.

Model Review: Horus Ascended

Games Workshop sent Jack Horus Ascended to paint up. Here are his thoughts on building and painting it.

Model Review: Scorpius Missile Tank

This week the Scorpius Missile Tank goes up for preorder. Games Workshop sent us a preview copy to paint up, and I had a good time painting it for my Imperial Fists.

The Goonhammer Guide to 28mm+ Multipart Skeletons

Skeletons. The ubiquitous fantasy baddie. Whether guarding some broke treasure in a cave or gathering by thousands at the will of a necromancer, skeletons have been striking terror into the hearts of the living for ages. In this article...