The New Start Competing (and Faction Guides): Death Guard and Thousand Sons

You may have noticed we’ve been doing some updates recently. We’re hard at work on updating our older How to Paint Everything and Start Competing guides for 10th edition, taking a new, streamlined approach that makes them easier to update and easier to read. In effect, we’re turning them more from merely articles on how to compete into full guides to the faction.

Our first two updates for 10th edition are to the Death Guard and Thousand Sons:

Death Guard

Thousand Sons

The same great competitive content will still be there, but we’ll be expanding the content for each faction to include more tactics, getting started, and hobby and lore content for each faction. That said, we’ll also be building out more competitive content, too – in addition to the competitive faction focus articles, Hammer of Math content, and Leader articles we’ll be adding more unit focus articles and strategy articles to these in the future.

And this is just the start – expect to see more updated guides in the future, covering every faction in the game.

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