Vadinax Update, Week 7: March 14, 2023

The Vadinax Campaign is Goonhammer’s Global Crusade Campaign for Warhammer 40,000. Each week we’ll explore the major events taking place in the sector and talk about how players are shaping the ongoing story in the sector. 

It’s week 7 of the Vadinax Campaign and the goals of the Chaos fleet have become clear: Shanker Gord and his Ark of Omen, Ten Thousand Lies, have arrived in the sector and are en route to Keplon, with the forces of Chaos swarming to the planet in advance of their arrival.

If you missed last week’s update, you can find it here.

This week things cooled down a bit as game sizes increased – 84 battles were fought over the last week, with the majority taking place in the global campaign. The big change this week was the arrival of Shanker Gord – in advance of his Ark’s arrival, the Dark Apostle of the Scourged sent out a missive to the Chaos forces in the sector:

Keplon. Keplon Keplon Keplon Keplon Keplon Keplon Keplon when you say a word enough it starts to lose meaning. That’s good. Keplon won’t need it soon. This planet, this speck, this mote in the eye of the Void: let us drive a plank through it. Why? Thhh-hhkk– agh– …THAT is not the question. The Despoiler demands an end to all planets, in the traditional sense. This one in particular should be your focus because Ten Thousand Lies have found another truth: The weak get the knife. And Keplon is weak.

So fall upon it! Keplon Keplon, until Keplon can Keplon no more! Become a great cacophony! Instantiate the whole idea of the riot! Fight and kill each other for glory in front of Abaddon’s throne if you must, but please, make sure you kill the other guys first. The Corpse God is real, he is powerful, and to be honest, fellas, when you fraternize bolter-wise he is laughing at you. No one wants to say that out loud, but it’s the truth!

I’ve already kept you too long. You’re all very busy, I’m sure, with all the winning you’re doing. All your great victories. May they continue, for your sakes. We serve the gods of every passion, every feeling, every thought. We are the reavers of souls and destinies. We enjoy it. So have fun out there. Get busy; take everything. Start with Keplon.

And some forces heeded his call – specifically, the Cabal of the Seekers After Ouroborous, The Frost Shepherds, The Apostate Cabal, The Architects of Calamity, and Warfleet Karnak all rose to the challenge and converged on the agricultural world, smashing Imperial defenses to pave the way for Shanker’s arrival. For their efforts, they’ve been rewarded with Abaddon’s personal blessing. But now that Imperial forces know where Shanker is headed, the forces of Chaos will have to hope that their initial efforts were enough…



The conflict on Parasbine Secundus has reignited fully, as the new battlelines are tested.

The Defenders of Kephistrone confidently pushed into Spall Hill to attempt to deprive Malioch Soulbinder of his workforce for his hellforges, but the forces of the Soulbinder have proven tenacious in defense, and many of the Imperial forces have stumbled into carefully laid traps. The forces of the 108th Valhallan Motor Rifles have suffered such heavy casualties that they have been forced to temporarily withdraw to Kephistrone to regain their strength.

The Rubric Marines of Alexander Memnos ambush the Sons of Ash at Spall’s Hill. Photo: James R.

The Night Lords of Invidia Wolfslayer make contact with the 108th Valhallan. Photo: Eddie V.

Meanwhile, the Votann forces have made good progress establishing a foothold in the refining complex of Algol VII at the expense of Lord Makarios’ forces. The Trans-Hyperion Alliance forces are excelling at the close-quarters and subterranean fighting, and appear one step closer to being able to get their rare minerals refined and back to their Ancestor Core.

The Kin of Kahl Durin Anvilglad face down the chaotic terrors of the Dreadforge Assembly amidst the distillation tanks of the Algol VII complex. Photo: Luke B.

The fiercest fighting thus far has been seen at Rally Point Dauntless, the Space Marine forward operating base south of Miltner’s Docks. The Sun’chur Dynasty has appeared in force to secure their forces and materiel located nearby.

The forces of Lord Topherus clash with the Dark Angels of Strike Force Fervent Rebuke in an abandoned mining facility. Photo: Chris W.

The Phobos elements of Strike Force Gladius determined that the Necron activity was focused around a presumed tomb complex in a sandblasted ravine. The Blood Angels and Ultramarines launched a daring assault to try to disrupt the Sun’chur Crypteks’ plans, but found themselves just too late to prevent the Necrons from unearthing and awakening a titanic Seraptek Heavy Construct.

Captain Lucius of Strike Force Angelos routes the Sun’chur warriors… Photo: Chris W.

Captain Lucius of Strike Force Angelos routes the Sun’chur warriors… Photo: Chris W.



The prison has become hell, with clandestine work being done by Chaos, Imperial, and Genestealer Cult forces ravaging the infrastructure beneath the prison. Furthering this decline, full frontal assaults by the renegade Agrippan 82nd guard regiment known as “The Agrippan Rippers” have breached the walls and gotten their commander out of his chains.

Tome Keepers Reiver Squad Ereshkigal outflank the Tank Commander “Killshot”

Beyond the forces of the lost and damned, the World Eaters have also laid claim to territory around the prison, pushing back against the Tome Keepers. The territory is what the World Eaters wanted, but the Tome Keepers were after a larger prize.


Tome Keepers Captain Darius bal Sin

Having consulted their libraries for knowledge on the occult and those who practice it, they believe they have discovered the meaning behind the cryptic markings all over the prison walls and sewers. With these pieces falling into place, they are preparing a daring assault against the Arkifane’s minions with the help of the Ordo Malleus this coming week.

This week we take a closer look at the Agrippan 82nd, the khorne following guard regiment taking the war to the prison. Credit goes to Mike “Mike Legend” Kilpatrick.

The touch of corruption spread through the ranks of the Agrippan 82nd Infantry Division soon after the Word Bearers made planetfall 12 Solar Cycles ago. Slowly its taint spread from soldier to soldier, officer to officer, until the blood boiled to a head. A coup headed by Commander Rickert, now calling himself Rictus, sought to sever the head of the planet’s military and claim the planet’s resources for the Arkifane.

Commander Rictus

Credit: Mike “Mike Legend” Kilpatrick

After a failed assassination attempt on the life of Maximillio “Iron Fist” Von Trost, the coup turned to all out war. The forces of the newly named “Agrippan 82nd Rippers” were no match for the vast numbers of the Imperial War Machine.

Weakened, Rictus made a last stand against the planetary defense forces, ready to give his life for the Dark Gods. In a dark twist of fate, He was instead captured. Left in a cell to rot until the time came of his execution. But his forces still lingered, licking their wounds and mustering numbers in the dark underbelly of Agrippa. Now with war returning to Agrippa, “the Blooded Fist”, Rictus’ remaining command structure, have made their move and freed their master from captivity. Now Rictus returns to finish what he started.

The Blooded Fist stand proudly in the ruins of what they once fought in defense of. Credit: Mike “Mike Legend” Kilpatrick

This war will not end until Agrippa bleeds.

+++ PERPLIOR +++

The power of the grey knights quickly dispatch all daemonic presence in the politicus sector

The mysterious silver astartes chapter identified as the “Aegis Soldality” has driven off a band of heretics. They appear to have been aided by a group of astartes in blue armor adorned with lightning and bat symbols. Rest assured citizens our Lords of Night operations had nothing to do with these attacks. The Aegis Sodality assures me that all heretical activity has been eliminated in the politicus sector!

The Chaos Abominant Heralds Storm engages in combat with Percival Taranis.

The noble knights of Lance Cataphract continue to protect our streets in the politicus sector from any new terror that may emerge. We count ourselves among the blessed few to be graced by such esteemed guests.

Task Force Hacienda of the Crimson Fists fight valiantly against the Tyranid Ambush

I have Biologis Echo Ripley here again to comment on continuing rumors of monsters in Sniper’s Alley:

I have never seen creatures such as these….things. They are simply perfection, evolution to its conclusion, the perfect killing machines. Staring into their eyes I feel….safe. There is nothing to worry about these creatures and they should be ignored. Actually, I think it might be best the governor himself inspect these creatures!


ThatGuyChris took a glamor shot of his Praetors, Sodality Akritoi

Khazog the Harvester of Perplior, champion of Nurgle

Next week we have our big narrative event, the Battle for Perplior; this will mark the end of our store, Huzzah Hobbies, first campaign phase!




The Imperial retreat from beleaguered Valern citadel – and the final rearguard action committed against the Archenemy and Xenos forces overtaking the once-proud bastion – rages on, temporarily disabling many usual auspex relays and astropathic communions. In conjunction with heightened hostile activity in the orbital volume of Tern’s Endeavor, updates to Vadinax Command have temporarily been interrupted. Priority reports conveyed by onboard facilities of The Inviolate Sentence, courtesy of Inquisitor Aleris Mylenne.



War in orbit

Perceiving a victory upon the blasted shores of Valern Citadel, the hand of the Archenemy turns to other targets, grasping to increase their gains over the beleaguered Imperial forces. Undoubtedly spurred on by the presence of an ambassador of the dreaded Black Legion and the prospect of rewards for those who find his favor, heretic forces have struck hard at the outlaw orbital station known as the Empty Eye. Though its loss would be hardly missed by the law-abiding and righteous among us, these heretical designs must be put to a swift stop, lest they turn the very skies against us.

Furthermore, reports confirm the existence of T’au Empire strike forces arriving in the planet’s local volume, no-doubt alerted by feckless smuggler allies and here to prey upon the resources of the embattled Imperial populace. Do not be deceived, citizens, by their battles against the forces of Chaos – this is not proof of their virtue, but the Emperor’s will in committing our enemies to destroying one another, granting His loyal subjects a blessed reprieve from their trevails.

(T’au of the ‘Enterprise’ division land at the Empty Eye, only to be repulsed by a warband of the Emperor’s Children. Credit: Mike Lopez)

The Warmaster’s Shadow

Our further reprieve,we can only pray, comes from the outsize ambitions of our enemies. Seeing a temporary victory upon Tern’s Endeavor, a Heretic lord known as the Marquis of Lilies has arrived, claiming to be emissary sent by the Despoiler himself and demanding great rewards to those foul blasphemers who curry his favor. Orbital scans from The Inviolate Sentence confirm what seems to be tribute conveyed from many warbands to Grand Kriosa – and while I am loath to admit anything but deepest hatred for machinations of our enemy, that they might contribute their spoils and their materiel to outshining each other in slavish devotion is some comfort. The truly faithful know that blessed sacrament is conducted not in idolatrous tribute, but in the sanctified tithe of blood and glory to Emperor and Imperium.

(Noble champions of the Rhinn crusade battle heretic raiders in close quarters, doubtlessly striving to deny them their foul tribute. Credit: “Krayon Prince” Darryl)

Operation Expedited Decree

The rearguard action in Valern Citadel remains an unfolding situation. Reports are classified a primus-grade moral threat for anyone outside of local command echelons. Rest assured that the Emperor’s will is being done, and by the blood of martyrs is victory assured.

(A Sons of Medusa detachment sweeps aside forces of the Hungering Legion to seize victory in our gambits, but one of many such victories the Imperial forces can claim across the field of battle as we seize victory from the jaws of oblivion. Credit: Jason “LordSeacow”


The situation on Tern’s Endeavor remains fraught, but through the blood and toil of our loyal soldiers, victory remains in grasp. Any uncommitted Imperial forces ident-tagged as receiving this broadcast are hereby commanded to report to the world’s defense at once, so a swift victory may be secured for His faithful servants.


Next Week: Keplon Under Siege

That wraps up our look at the Vadinax Campaign results this week but tune in next week when all hell breaks loose on Keplon and Imperial forces attempt to attack the Ark. Until then, if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at

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