Adeptus Titanicus Maniple-ator


GregBot here, with the **Goonhammer Approved Adeptus Titanicus Maniple-ator**

if you put in the titans you got, this will tell you what Maniples you can organize them in:
- RED maniples: you don't have enough Titans to meet the minimums for that maniple.
- YELLOW maniples: you meet the miminums, but also have extra Titans that won't fit (they can be run as Support Titans).
- GREEN maniples: you meet all the minimums, and also all of your Titans fit.

knights are not accounted for, because the game is called Adeptus TITANICUS, not Adeptus QUESTORIS

You can read more about choosing an AT maniple in Goonhammer’s ongoing Warlord Wednesdays column!




Axiom Battleline Maniple (Core Rules)
Myrmidon Battleline Maniple (Core Rules)
Venator Light Maniple (Core Rules)
Corsair Battleline Maniple (Titandeath)
Janissary Battleline Maniple (Titandeath)
Regia Battleline Maniple (Titandeath)
Lupercal Light Maniple (Titandeath)
Fortis Heavy Maniple (Doom of Molech)
Ferrox Light Maniple (Doom of Molech)
Canis Light Maniple (Shadow and Iron)
Arcus Battleline Maniple (Shadow and Iron)
Ruptura Batteline Maniple (Shadow and Iron)
Mandatum Battleline Maniple (Shadow and Iron)
Perpetua Battleline Maniple (Defense of Ryza)
Extergimus Battleline Maniple (Defense of Ryza)
Firmus Light Maniple (Defense of Ryza)
Dominus Battleforce Maniple (Defense of Ryza, or Feb 2019 White Dwarf)
Ignus Light Maniple (Crucible of Retribution)
Precept Battleline Maniple (Crucible of Retribution)