Warlord Wednesdays: Adeptus Titanicus Tactics

Welcome back to Goonhammer’s series for aspiring Titan Principes. We here at Goonhammer’s own Collegia Titanica know that Adeptus Titanicus can seem intimidating to players unfamiliar with its particular quirks, but this series aims to equip you with everything you’ll need to play out epic clashes on the battlefields of the far future with your very own Titan Battlegroup. In this series, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at the various Legios of the Collegia Titanica – exploring their origins and how to use them on the tabletop, from maniple selection and their loadouts, through to how to command them on the field of battle to secure ultimate victory.

As with our other article series, this page is a work in progress, and as we add new articles to the Warlord Wednesdays series, you’ll find them linked here so that you can have all of our Adeptus Titanicus coverage at your fingertips.

Getting Started

Introduction to Adeptus Titanicus
Maniples and You – Choosing a Maniple for Adeptus Titanicus
The Maniple-ator
Titanic Terrain
Putting it all together 
Matched Play Objectives
Deconstructing Deployment

Titan Focus

Warhound Focus
Reaver Focus
Warbringer-Nemesis Focus
Warlord Focus
Warmaster Hot-Take
Knight Focus
Psi-Titan Focus
Titans of Legend
Corrupted Titans

Legion Focus Series

Building your own Crusade Legion

Legion Focus: Loyalists
Legio Gryphonicus “War Griffons”
Legio Fortidus “Dauntless”
Legio Astorum “Warp Runners”
Legio Praesagius “True Messengers”
Legio Solaria “Imperial Hunters”
Legio Atarus “Firebrands
Legio Defensor “Nova Guard”
Legio Crucius “Warmongers”
Legio Lysanda “Sentinels of the Edge”
Legio Osedax “Cockatrices”
Legio Honorum “Deathbolts I”
Legio Oberon “Deathbolts II”
Legio Ignatum “Fire Wasps”
Legio Astraman “Morning Stars”

Legion Focus: Traitors
Legio Tempestus “Stormlords”
Legio Mortis “Death’s Heads”
Legio Vulpa “Death Stalkers”
Legio Fureans “Tiger Eyes”
Legio Vulcanum “Dark Fire” & “Lords of Ruin”
Legio Krytos “God Breakers”
Legio Suturvora/Infernus “Fire Masters”
Legio Mordaxis “Deathdealers”
Legio Interfector “MURDERLORDS”
Legio Audax “Ember Wolves”
Legio Vulturum – Gore Crows
Legio Magna – “Flaming Skulls”
Legio Damicium – “Unbroken Lords”
Legio Laniaskara – “Impalers
Legio Kulisaetai “Gatekeepers”

Legio Tritonis “Dark Tide”


Knight Focus
Knight Household Focus


February AT Releases Preview
Shadow & Iron Review
Defense of Ryza Review
Crucible of Retribution Review
Open War Cards Review

Battle Reports

Hear me out: Power Claws
Hear me out: Inferno Guns
Bair’s Mordaxis vs Condit’s Honorum 


2020 Year end roundup
Goonhammer Approved: Recover the Archeotech Cache
Hot Take: The February 2020 Adeptus Titanicus FAQ
The Goonhammer Interview with James M Hewitt, Part 2: Blood Bowl and Adeptus Titanicus
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