Army Showcase: Fowler’s Traitor Guard – “The Disloyal 32”

The Player: Fowler
The Codex: GW plz / Kill Team Moroch / Necromunda: Book of Ruin
Points: Essentially none / More than you need / Waaaaay more than you need
Collecting Since: November 2018
Instagram: FowlerPaintsStuff

The Past

I’ve wanted to do a full Traitor Guard army for a long time. As a relative newcomer to the hobby, I missed out on the heyday of the Renegades and Heretics Forge World line. When Blackstone Fortress brought us some fancy new traitor sculpts, I was all in… but like so many other projects it stayed on the backburner waiting for a gentle nudge. That nudge came in the form of the Kill Team Moroch multipart Traitor Guard kit. Many thanks to GW for providing a preview copy and giving me the swift boot I needed to actually get this project started.

The Blooded kill team. Credit: Fowler

The Present

My aim for this project was to tick a few boxes. I wanted to:

  • Paint all my damn Traitor Guard
  • Add some variety to the Blackstone Fortress traitors with multipart bits
  • Kitbash all of the Blooded Kill Team options
  • Build the baseline for a campaign antagonist Chaos Helot Cult for Necromunda
  • Use a relatively quick and simple paint scheme

And it has come to pass. I had three sprues of the Blackstone Fortress Traitors, the ten new guys, and Traitor Command (the Commissar and Ogryn). Folks who can count might be thinking “hey wait a minute, that’s 33!” and they would be right!

For my paint scheme, I relied heavily on Contrast paints over a zenithal prime – armor is Black Templar, red plates and capes are Blood Angels Red, fatigues are Basilicanum Grey with a Dawnstone drybrush. Metals got some sponge weathering and chunky line highlights. Brown leather is Wyldwood, and the tan gloves / sharpshooter cape are Snakebite Leather. Sarges get white helmets to have them stick out a bit. I brought everything together with a bit of Streaking Grime. Basing is a wasteland / desert vibe, but with splotches of purple, yellow, and red (drybrushed over with khaki & bone colors) to look like industrial pollution.

Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guardsmen

These are such fun sculpts, and working with them motivated me to get working on more of the BSF baddies. Maybe if I can get a breather between big splash releases I can FINALLY finish that box up.

Traitor Command

I really enjoyed painting up these guys! Got a second set of them from BSF that I’m holding back in case they are needed for 40k. For the “leaders” I opted to go a tad less grimy than their subordinates.


Multipart Traitor Guard

I gushed about this kit in our Moroch model reivew, but it really is a blast to work with. The arms are all interchangeable (you can see that I used a different body for my Flenser), though the heads will need only minor conversion if you need to point them in alternate directions.

The Future

I have gone back to the fridge for more olives and just took delivery of another multipart Traitor Guard kit (literally as the varnish was drying). My plan is to do more lasgun traitors (for potential 40k uses), along with some smaller vehicles for Necromunda Ash Wastes shenanigans. If my vehement willing actually summons Brood Brothers style regiments rules for Traitor Guard, expect a bunch of spiky armored support!