End of the Edition Painting Challenge – the Deadline Looms

The End of the Edition Painting Challenge has been running for a month, and the deadline is 30 June. We’re almost there, so it’s time to frantically finish painting what we promised we’d get done, and start taking and submitting pictures of it. And if you’re not quite done, well – we’re OFFERING AN EXTENDED DEADLINE. Specifically it’s a holiday weekend in the United States so we aren’t gonna be checking up on this until Wednesday next week. So be sure to get your entries to our inbox (or tweet at us with the hashtag #readyfor10th) by 11:59pm PDT on July 4th, 2023.

Remember, there are prizes sponsored by the good folks at The Army Painter, so if you want a sign to get it done, this is it!

Today, some of the Goonhammer team would like to share some progress with you, so nobody feels alone in how behind they are.


Well I’ve continued my run of not finishing Indomitus by assembling and undercoating the Outriders and then not touching them.

I have finished the 2 Primaris Lieutenants, Primaris Company Champion and five heavy intercessors though, adding them to the Intercessors and Bladeguard I previously completed certainly gives me a solid block of infantry to make Leviathan a balanced army.

Actual finished models, and the Gravis Apothecary in Leviathan really needed a unit he could join.

I’ve mostly finished the Brutalis, I just need to do a bit more detail, add transfers and then paint up a base for it. The Desolator marines I’ve just not mustered much passion for and while I’ve built them, they haven’t been undercoated.

Some assembly required on the Brutalis, but nothing that glue, varnish, transfers and a painted base wouldn’t fix.

In things that weren’t in the pledge I’ve started the marine combat patrol from Leviathan on the basis that it’s only 12 models, seven of which I can use in my classic marine army (I’ll be complementing my three beakie tactical squads with three Indomitus Terminator squads). Terminator characters are very welcome and have made me almost completely forget about the beakie librarian I haven’t had the chance to buy yet as GW seemed to take forever to release it.

If I’m being realistic, these won’t be done in time, but if they’re done in the first couple of weeks of July that’s a Leviathan combat patrol done.

For some reason the flamer marines, which I’m very indifferent about, will be the first miniatures finished from the Leviathan box.

So how would I rate my progress? I wanted a playable army and my beakies already hit the 1k points mark and I was able to take them to Warhammer Fest for the casual tournament. With the edition of the Terminators from Leviathan that force is going to hit 1500 and be a stones throw from the 2k points needed for bigger events, or to give a selection of units for smaller games. I’m definitely not finishing everything I pledged, but I’m finishing some stuff I didn’t.


So my progress report is that I’m done, and have been for over two weeks… it’s not because I paint like Rockfish, although that would be nice. I’ve just worked on my project steadily since May because we were organising it back then. I’ve been away from home for the last two weeks for a wedding, so I started early and finished early to even take part.

And this is why Goonhammer participants aren’t eligible for prizes.

My original pledge (which wasn’t super ambitious) called for 5 Assault Intercessors with Jump Packs, 5 Primaris Tactical Marines, and 3 Outriders. I’m happy to report that I overdid it and did 5 extra Primaris Tactical Marines for a round squad. Just in time for GW to eliminate Combat Squads. What a bold decision.

The final showcase can happen later, but here are some of these models. I’ve kept my colour scheme simple (as it has been for even years), but added incremental refinements that are both time-efficient and impactful.

Credit: Summer

Two of my Primaris-scale tactical marines are here, and very angry about something. In keeping with the tactical squad theme of mega versatility, I did small conversion work on a lot of them. Mostly in weapons. I was aiming for ‘generic but flexible, which to me, is the soul of a tactical squad. That means not going ham on conversion work, but making sure everyone has a part.

Credit: Summer

Primaris bodies look great with jump packs. I’m saddened that GW didn’t jump on that idea earlier and give us more jump pack Primaris already. To my knowledge, we’re still stuck with the wonky mono-pose Suppressors that can’t be bought on their own, and Kayvaan Shrike as our only jump pack options. These two marines are part of a 5-man squad, and I intend to add another five with special weapons later on.

Credit: Summer

The Recon Outrider theme I had in mind called for long-ranged scouting, rather than charging into combat. That meant climbing and comms equipment. I’m happy with them, considering how simple they were to build. The very simple screens on these models were done in like 3 minutes each. Just white paint on a black screen, followed by a layer of Tamiya Clear Red/Tamiya Clear Green for the colored text effect. Keeping it simple.

“Counts-As-Venerable” Kevin Stillman

From my pledge, I finished the following:

1. 5x Intercessors
2. 3x Inceptors
3. 1x Redemptor
4. 1x Lieutenant Zakariah
5. 1x The Lion El’Jonson

Redemptor Dreadnought. Credit: Kevin Stillman

Credit: Kevin Stillman

I’ll get to the 5x Desolators and 5x Heavy Intercessors as time permits following my acquisition and painting of the Leviathan Marines. The other 5 Desolators and the Brutalis Dreadnought from that box have been built for my Ultramarines army. The additional 2 Inceptors are going to become a unit of 3 and added at some future point.

In addition to the stuff I pledged, I finished the following
6. .5x Tactical Squad (1)
7. 1x Primaris Chaplain
8. 1x Contemptor Dreadnought
9. 5x Deathwing Knights
10. 1x Land Raider Proteus

Dark Angels Assault Intercessors. Credit: Kevin Stillman

Deathwing Knights. Credit: Kevin Stillman

Dark Angels Land Raider Proteus (though counts-as Land Raider). Credit: Kevin Stillman

What remains to be added:
5x Heavy Intercessors
5x Desolator Marines
6x Bladeguard Veterans
1x Azrael
5x Deathwing Terminators of some form or fashion
1x Storm Speeder (probably the Hammerstrike)

Have any questions or feedback? Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at contact@goonhammer.com. Also we’d like to thank The Army Painter again for offering to provide prizes for this challenge.