SRM’S Road to NOVA Part 2 – Wait, how much grey plastic?

So the first step towards any good army project is inventorying how much shit you need to do. Like the extremely Cool Guy I am, I’ve got spreadsheets for every army in my collection. This makes building lists easy, but also gives me plenty of room to inventory my shame:

They call me the king of the spreadsheets/
Got’em all printed out on my bedsheets

Totaling everything up, I’m guessing it all comes out to around 3000 points, but I haven’t done the math on everything yet. I’m also almost certain points will change before I paint everything, so I’ve only really bothered tallying up things I already have plans for. Unfortunately I’m going to be losing some time over the next two weeks as we’re renovating the office, so instead of my typical painting space:

I’ll be doing my working (and painting) at the library.

How much this will hurt my hobby progress is still up in the air, but I’ll figure the answer is “somewhat”. Fucking off and painting tiny plastic spacemen during my dayjob is my favorite passtime, but I’ll get what work in I can. That brings me to Shadowspear, and the first few models from it I’ve painted, the Phobos Librarian and the Eliminators:

With all my Phobos armored models (referred to as “Phobois” from here on) I will be painting them in a scheme reminiscent of the Legion Destroyer troops from the Horus Heresy:

I figured it would be a good color choice for terror troops like Reivers, and play into the stealthy nature of Infiltrators and the rest. With these first Phobois done, I’ve got the scheme down and I’m excited to get to work on my Infiltrators so I can add “more jamokes with bolters” to my army. Once I chew through them, I’ll probably wrap up Shadowspear with the characters and Suppressors. Only then I might see how I can cram some vehicles in before I begin my display board, the details of which will follow…