The Best Year in Gaming: 2021 vs. 2022

Welcome back to our Best Year in Gaming March Madness bracket competition! On Saturday we looked at 2014 vs. 2016 – our competitors took Easter off – and while it wasn’t a blowout, 2016 finished with a decent lead on 2014. Overall, while 2014 had some strong entries it couldn’t overcome the negative stigma from being the year of Gamergate. Which, fair enough – that shit sucked.

Result: 2016 Wins

Finishing 2014 vs. 2016 means we’ve closed out the games in round 1 of our Southeast Conference bracket, and we can review the results and move on to the final conference.

That brings us to the Northwest conference, where we have our first battle between two consecutive years – 2021 vs. 2022.


These are both relatively strong years, though for different reasons. 2021 is a much stronger year for tabletop games, featuring the release of Age of Sigmar third edition and the current version of Kill Team, while 2022 has a stronger case to make with video games. Both are strong years from the same console generation and gaming era, so this will be one of the rare events in our competition where nostalgia and “how important something was 30 years ago” just doesn’t matter and it’s all about the games, since these titles could have come out either year. Should be fun to see.

If you’re interested in voting on the outcome, head over to our Patreon and join our Discord server to vote. Otherwise, check back tomorrow for the winner and the next matchup in the Southeast Conference.

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