The July 10 Kill Team FAQs and Errata Update

This week Games Workshop dropped a series of updates – FAQ and Errata – for Kill Team, changing a number of rules and teams. If you were wondering what changed – or more importantly, what it means for your games – we’ve got you covered with this review.

It’s worth noting before we dive in that this is an errata and FAQ update and not so much a balance pass. Even still, the designers have tweaked a few things, and clarified some others, leading to a handful of meaningful changes in the update.


Adrian B.’s Kommandos @adrianbonvento


The Winners

  • Chaos Cults (link) had the wonkier things about mutation clarified, and the team wins by remaining very strong. If anyone was attempting to infinitely mutate or mutate random devotees after someone survived a combat they probably were not going to be your friend.
  • Hearthykn Lokatr (link) got a buff to stop ALL pregame movement, which along with the ITD concealed ops change means that dwarves will not start games behind the 8-ball, which is a minor buff to the slow and steady team.
  • Kommandos (link) get a sneaky (kunnin?) stealth buff, as all Into the Dark(ITD) concealed movement ploys happen AT THE END OF SCOUTING, instead of at the beginning of the first Firefight phase. This means you can line up Shhhh and Sneaky Git for a pre-firefight 9” move.

Kommandos by Art C.


  • Inquisition Agents (link) had their ancillary options clarified, so there are no doubled-up plasma or melta gunners on those rosters. Along with that, Inquisition agents lost the ability to use the “Super Servitor Bros” tactic, where two servitor gun bros can boost each other’s APL. This won’t really impact the team’s overall flexibility however as you can still bring more APx than elite teams’ defensive stats can handle.


Inquisitorial Stormtroopers by True


  • Heirotek Circle (link) – a minor clarification about making a fall back move with the little guy.
  • Kasrkin (link) – the demo mine has been brought in line with other mine layers. Not passing their injured status to the proximity mine, but no longer being able to throw through heavy walls. A fairly nice change, and a fair trade off.
  • Warpcoven (link) – gets the clarification that you cannot opt into a second faction Tac Op. Scheming players still need to pay attention to when tac ops can be revealed, lest they select something they cannot reveal.
  • Exaction Squad (link) had the Castigator’s no-modifiers extended to everything but it’s defense stat, which up until now had shrugged off plasma through sheer force of will? An interesting line of argumentation, that is now clearly not allowed. Additionally dispense justice now works turn to turn, which seemed obvious but was not written into the rules.
  • Fellgor Ravagers (link) had an additional clarification that for tac ops and special rules the goats are “incapacitated”, but they truly incapacitate at the end of their frenzy. A somewhat minor distinction, and clarified for any future debates.

Regan F’s WC by @pimpmyminis

Final Notes

These are decent clarifications but as we said, they do very little for game balance. On Open play, both Fellgor and Chaos Cults are very beatable, though they definitely still perform well. However ITD missions are another thing entirely, where the melee hordes are monstrously strong, especially when played well.

Luckily when it comes to casual and competitive play good players will adapt to the meta. I’ve heard of some players scrapping quite well with Hierotek and Kommandos. Good luck out there in the meantime players!

Heirotek by Calvin R

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