Mengel Miniatures Painting Abroad: Blisterskin Flesh-eater Courts Tutorial

Welcome back to Mengel Miniatures - Painting Abroad on Goonhammer! If you missed last week's tutorial on painting the new Saurus Warriors - you can find it here. First off, thank you to Games Workshop for sending me the Nightmare...

Mengel Miniatures Painting Abroad: Saurus Warrior Painting Tutorial

Welcome to my first guest article on Goonhammer, Mengel Miniatures: Painting Abroad! I've been a fan of Goonhammer for quite awhile now, so was very excited to get to contribute. I thought, what would make a good debut article?...

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How To Paint Everything – Eldfall Chronicles: The Helian League

This article is part of a sponsored series of articles exploring Freecompany’s Eldfall Chronicles tabletop miniatures game.  The Helian League...
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