Blood Bowl Amazons: The Goonhammer Roundtable

Welcome back, Sports Fans! The Goonhammer Blood Bowl beat writers were lucky enough to get their hands on an advance copy of Spike #15 which contains rules for the revamped Amazon team! We asked them to sit down and tell us what they thought, roundtable-style! Hit the concession stand and take your seat, the hot takes are about to fly!

Looking for more pictures and details about the models? Check out our painting Amazon team showcase and model review.

In this roundtable:

  • Dan “dittka” Boyd
  • King_Ghidra
  • HardyRoach

Dan: The long-awaited Amazon team is here! GW really is filling in the ranks of the Teams of Legend PDF, and it sure is exciting. Amazons have long been one of the more unique teams, owing to a combination of weak armor, medium speed, and superlative defense/mobility skills. I know a ton of coaches are very excited to check out the new rules, so I’ll stop talking and let the team here get into it!

K_G:  So, this is one I have been waiting for for a long time.  Let’s get it out of the way, I have hated the current incarnation of the Amazon roster for a very long time.  I hate the way it polarises games based on the presence of Tackle .  I hate the way it causes coaches to have a laser-focus on the number of Pows rolled.  I hate the fact that the roster is so horribly vanilla stat- and skill-wise.  And I hate that it has absolutely no flavour or evocation of whatever the Amazons are supposed to be about as a people.

So I was tremendously excited to hear that GW were going to do a proper rework of the team for this edition (and this is really not something I want to see for many teams in this game).   Now, my feels aside, Amazons are also one of the very best teams in the game at lower TV thanks to their Dodge spam gimmick, cheap players, and incredible Blitzers, so have GW been able to create a mechanically interesting roster that is also strong competitively?  I can’t wait to find out!

HardyRoach: While I definitely have a somewhat more favourable view on the ToL roster than Ghidra, I can’t really argue that they’re not an incredibly vanilla and un-evocative team in their current form. They’re the kind of team I play when I want to have an incredibly standard, albeit Dodge spammy, game of Blood Bowl. I was really excited to hear they were getting a revamp, so let’s go.

The Amazon Roster

Dan: Right off the bat you’re going to notice some changes. Gone is the Piranha Warrior Catcher, and the Piranha namesake moves over to the Blitzer position (now called Piranha Warrior Blitzers), which has also been reduced in number to 0-2. Additionally, a new player type has been introduced, the Jaguar Warrior Blockers, who are substantially beefier, and also come in 0-2. Finally, re-rolls have increased to 60k each, and the team has remained in Tier 1, but more on that later. But have no fear, Sports Fans, the whole team still starts with Dodge, so you’ll still be able to play keep-away from your opponents’ heavy hitters!

Amazon Eagle Warrior Linewoman. Credit: Fowler

Eagle Warrior Linewomen

Dan: Traditionalists will be thrilled: Linewomen are the exact same as they were from the Teams of Legend (ToL) PDF! They’re not going to turn heads with their offensive capabilities, but they’ll always be right where you need them thanks to their inbuilt Dodge skill. They were fun and fragile on the old team and they’ll remain so on the new team.

HardyRoach: I was hoping for maybe a bit more of an MA differential in the team – so Linewomen being MA 5, and another positional being MA 7 or 8. But Amazon linewomen are amongst the best in the game, so I can’t really complain too much about the lack of min-maxing.

K_G: So arguably the most important change is the non-change.  Amazons will still be Amazons as long as everyone has Dodge.  Extremely powerful at low tv, and falling off badly as the rest of the world gets its Block and Tackle.  A bit disappointing, but perhaps felt too radical for GW to make a change.

Amazon Python Warrior Thrower. Credit: Fowler

Python Warrior Throwers

Dan: Same statline as before, but two additional skills for only a 5,000 gp increase! It would be a steal if the new skills weren’t so mediocre. On the Ball will give the Thrower bonus movement to recover the ball on kick-offs, and Safe Pass makes natural 1s on pass attempts mostly painless. However, with no more Catchers on the team, these passing skills fall very flat. Unlike the Imperial Nobility team, where Blitzers come with Catch, no player on the Amazon team starts with Catch. So, despite the inclusion of a Thrower on the roster, it’s clear that the Amazon team isn’t a passing team. While the models look great with their snake theme and everything, I don’t think this player is worth the price. If they came with Sure Hands for the inbuilt re-roll on pick-up attempts, you’d see a lot more general utility. However, they don’t, and I feel like the Python Warrior Thrower ends up as a trap choice.

HardyRoach: I’m a fan of On the Ball and Safe Pass, but yeah without Catchers on the team it’s really hard to argue that these would earn a place on a roster, especially considering you’ll be forking out an extra 40k already to get both Jaguar Warriors. Might be worth taking one on a tournament roster or late in a league and putting Sure Hands on it, but even then it’s debatable. If they were PA2+ that would be different, but they’re not (sidenote: no idea why the Human Thrower is 2+ PA but the Imperial Nob and Amazon ones aren’t).

Amazon Piranha Warrior Blitzer. Credit: Fowler

Piranha Warrior Blitzers

Dan: Same price as before, but we’ve got quite a few changes, here. First, Blitzers finally get the +1 MA that almost every other team’s Blitzers have. Unfortunately, however, this upgrade is offset by Block being replaced by Jump Up and a new skill called Hit and Run, which allows for a free square of movement after a Block action, as long as the blocking player ends this move in an open square. Mobility skills are almost always useful, but Block is the best skill in the game for a reason. All in all, I’d say these changes are, at best, a side-grade, but more than likely a downgrade. Which sucks, because this means that no one on the entire roster starts out with Block. The MA 7 is nice, though, and the Piranha Warrior Blitzer is obviously your best choice for ball-carrier.

HardyRoach: Yeah this one hurts. Jump Up and Hit and Run are both great skills, but this team is really going to struggle going from four natural Blodgers to zero. It effectively means that in league play they’re going to be spending their first few games scrambling for core skills on those Blitzers and the Blockers, while hoping that nothing horribly dies in the meantime. In addition, while Hit and Run is definitely good, it’s a little strange to see on this team specifically, as the rest of the team seems to be continuing the Amazon tradition of using Dodge mostly to avoid being knocked down, rather than for dodging and reforming your defensive line. But it’s a really interesting skill and I’m excited to see how it plays in practice.

K_G: Wow!  A stat variation!  Well that’s a welcome change.  Sadly the flip side is a major blow.  Losing two Blitzers is bad.  Losing all your players with Block is very bad.
Jump Up has always been one of those skills that is actually great in practice but you would probably never pick it given a choice.  Hit and Run is very interesting and I see a wealth of possibility for it.  I could see ‘Zon Blitzers going in a Witch Elf direction now with Frenzy and Block or Wrestle for example.  As Dan said, they could equally become your main ball carriers.

Amazon Jaguar Warrior Blocker. Credit: Fowler

Jaguar Warrior Blockers

Dan: Replacing the Catcher positional, we’ve got the brand new Jaguar Warrior Blocker. She’s as fast as the Linewomen and Thrower, but she comes in at a hefty ST 4 and AV9+. However, that hefty statline doesn’t come cheap, as Jaguar Warriors will set you back 110k each. Joining the ever-present Dodge is the Defensive skill, which will turn off an opposing player’s Guard skill, but only in your opponent’s turn. As far as Blockers go, I’d rank the Jaguar Warrior as one of the best, actually. Not only do you get a better AV and higher ST, you’re not sacrificing any AG for the privilege. If you compare the Jaguar Warrior to a Big Un Blocker from the Orc team who comes in at 90k gp, the Jaguar Warrior gets 1 more MA, AG, and Dodge for only 20k gp more. It’s a steal! Defensive is kind of a wet fart of a skill, but it’ll end up being useful every now and then. It’s a nice-to-have. But having a ST4 ball-carrier without having to deal with garbo AG could be extremely useful against teams who lack heavy hitters. Despite Defensive, I like this player!

HardyRoach: I also really like this player! The Amazon team needed a bit of beef, and now they have it. I do wish that it didn’t have Defensive and was 10k or so cheaper, because while Defensive might sometimes come in handy, it’s not really going to come into play until late into a league season, or not at all. If they were trying to equalise Amazons against heavy strength-access teams like Dwarfs, a better (and more thematic) choice might have been Claw. But yeah, a relatively fast blocker who can dodge in a pinch, and even score to get some SPP for Block and Guard? Yes.

Dan: Hard agree. Claw would have been really, really cool here.

K_G: More stat changes!  And this is really quite radical.  On a fundamental level, ST4 Dodge is very good.  Like, do anything good.  I mean we could reject GW’s plan for this piece and just give it Block and make it an unstoppable ball carrier.  Or make it an amazing hitter.  But obviously the intent was for this to be a kind of Flesh Golem roadblock/pitch control/disruption positional.  Sadly Defensive is really underwhelming, though it might find utility in a world where zons can put Guard alongside it.  And obviously this piece is meant to have Guard itself, hence the S access on Primary.  I feel like this is a good and expensive positional that might not end up doing what GW wants it to but will be a must-take and a very powerful tool for ‘Zon coaches regardless.

Do they belong in Tier 1?

Dan: I don’t think so. With no Block, no Sure Hands, 60k rerolls, and no truly speedy characters, I think Amazons are firmly in Tier 2. You’re not looking at a team who can score particularly quickly, and they definitely can’t hang with the heavier-armored teams in a scrum. However, all that Dodge will always give them at least a little bit of an edge, and I think experienced coaches will have a veritable field day with their mobility.

HardyRoach: Absolutely not, I’d put them in high tier 2. They can’t really be any lower than that, because Dodge spam on everyone is still very strong, but losing all their Block players is going to be a major problem. With their price increases and new positionals, they’ve lost some of their extreme price efficiency as well. For tournament play, putting them in Tier 1 will mean that pretty much all of your skill picks are going to be Block, and that’s usually not the sign of a T1 team.

K_G:  So at the risk of beating a dead horse, GW’s concept of what a tier means and the community’s concept are never going to align.  In Tournament play, tiers (and often more than GW’s three) will be used to balance teams and rules packs and you will find Amazons appearing in different ones no matter what GW says.  Fundamentally, I believe Amazons are weaker now out of the box.  Losing all that Block, and as a corollary, Blodge, hurts a lot.  What they got instead is very interesting and still strong, but not on the same power level.  It also means if zons do stay in the highest tier in competitive play they will need to use their skill picks to take Block instead of the extra Guard or Mighty Blow or whatever they used to take.  And the same applies on the development curve in League play.  This is a team that will start a little slower.  Dodge spam will remain very strong at low tv in all formats, but Amazons’ ability to bash rather than just endure has taken a big hit.  Should they be Tier 1 in Tourney play on (re)release?  Probably, until proven otherwise.

The New Star Players

Dan: We’ve got 2 brand new Star Players and, finally, a model (and a really, really good one, at that!) for the 3rd. Boa and Estelle are both new and surprisingly good and fun, and Glotl Stop is a terrifying update to a fan favorite who’s never actually had a model. In addition to those three, the Amazon team has access to Akhorne, Grak & Crumbleberry, Grombrindal, Helmut Wulf, Karla, Zug, Morg, and Zolcath, but they’re old news, so no need to mention them here.

Boa Kon’ssstriktr. Credit: Fowler

Boa Kon’ssstriktr

HardyRoach: Boa has a really delicious combination of skills, and an amazing special rule, all for a bargain price. I think we’re likely to see him quite regularly on Amazon and Lizardmen teams.

Dan: It’s hard to not be hyperbolic in this space, but Boa is really freakin’ good. Hypnotic Gaze on its own is worth the price of admission, and all the rest of his skills make for an extremely mobile and utilitarian player. And then you get to his special rule: Once per game, Boa can just straight up steal the ball from an opposition player. He’s an incredibly useful ball-handling tool on a team (a pair of teams if you count lizards!) that undeniably needs help in that department.

HardyRoach: Absolutely. You’ve got the potential here to Sidestep into a cage, just take the ball from the carrier with his special rule, then even if you get punched you can Sidestep out and Safe Pair of Hands it right next to your players. Probably my favourite Star Amazons have access to.

K_G:  I tend not to see Boa as being so much of a bargain at 200k because he has a very ordinary stat line, and as much as I like the Dodge/SS/PT combo he exists in a world where we have a ST4 Blodge Karla for 10k more.  So really this is about how good Hypnotic Gaze and his Special Rule are (and we’ll have a similar debate in a minute regarding Estelle).  I am a big fan of Hypno; it is very versatile and can create many different openings and combos with team-mates.  But most people are familiar with Hypno on Vamps or Eldril, which is a 2+.  This is a 3+, on a star with Loner, which is still a good, but not reliable, play.  His special rule seems to combo with his skills to create situations where he can really wreck opposition plans, but my suspicion is that often this will only occur when the stars align.  Nevertheless, I think he has lots of utility, and he certainly has a very cool model, but I’m not totally convinced how great he is.

Estelle la Veneaux. Credit: Fowler

Estelle la Veneaux

HardyRoach: A Guard/Sidestep piece is good enough, but that special rule? Damn. The ability to just completely shut down a scoring punt on a 2+ is exceptionally good, and I have a feeling that Estelle is going to end up house ruled in plenty of tournaments, either to increase her price or nerf her ability.

Dan: Her special rule is so ridiculously good, you might see more Amazon and Lizardmen teams in tournaments with her than without her. A true must-buy for any Lustrian Superleague coach.

K_G:  So, as with Boa, at 190k, Estelle is really not anywhere near worth her price apart from her special ability.  Dodge/SS/Guard is obviously great (any star with Guard will see play), but not 190k great.  So everything about this star comes down to how good her ability is in practice.  It could be game-winning/wrecking; it certainly has the potential.  But when it fizzles on a 1, or when Estelle gets removed (not at all hard) before she uses it, it looks a lot less good.  If you take her you are gambling on having an incredible impact on one turn, and 190k is a steep cost for that gamble.

Glotl Stop. Credit – Soggy

Glotl Stop

HardyRoach: Glotl’s skills are incredible, tough to argue that. But I’m not generally a fan of Animal Savagery on teams with low armour. Amazon linewomen are cheap, so there’s no fear about needing to replace them, but they can have trouble keeping 11 players on the pitch even without a giant Mighty Blow lizard punching them for free a couple of times a game. This Star does combo very nicely with the new Blocker positionals, as Glotl can blitz a cage, stay sat there with his STR 6 and Stand Firm, while your Blockers flood into the gap to be more of a nuisance. So yeah, he’s great, but doesn’t quite jive with my personal taste on big guys.

Dan: While I get what you’re saying, I do feel the need to point out that every Skaven coach everywhere has no problem feeding their own rats to a Rat Ogre. Additionally, his special rule means that once per game, his Animal Savagery punch can be used on an opposition player instead of one of your own! That’s really good! It’s like a free Mighty Blow Stab once per game! With Glotl’s ST6, Frenzy, Stand Firm, and Prehensile Tail he’s the ultimate cage smasher and is well worth the 270k gp price tag.

HardyRoach: Definitely agree that he’s an absolute bargain, and his special rule definitely softens the Animal Savagery blow, even for me. You might be underestimating the ferocity of the debate surrounding rat ogres on Skaven teams, however, but that’s another article altogether.

K_G: Glotl is a very nice addition, and not just for Amazons.  At 270k he is in the high tier of BB20 star costs, but we get a lot of bang for our buck.  Frenzy is a big deal, as it provides increased opportunity to take advantage of that ST6 and Mighty Blow, as well as a slew of tactical options and threat.  I love Stand Firm on anything with Frenzy, and it also has great synergy with Prehensile Tail.   I don’t see Animal Savagery as a big deal, it just needs to be managed appropriately, and that means some turns he will just have to stand and roar on his own.  But when he is doing his thing he is a really terrifying piece, and for Amazons, gives them access to hitting power on a team that now has very few hitters.

Amazon Eagle Warrior Linewoman. Credit: Fowler

Starting League Rosters

Dan: In the interest of putting my money where my mouth is, here’s a starting league roster with NO thrower:

  • 2 Piranha Warrior Blitzers
  • 2 Jaguar Warrior Blockers
  • 8 Eagle Warrior Linewomen
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • Total: 980k

I like this roster for a couple of reasons: First, it starts with 12 players, giving you instant depth, which you’ll need with an AV8+ team. Second, it focuses on the team’s stars: Blitzers and Blockers. Both are excellent ball-carriers and scoring threats, and you don’t really want to be diluting your SPP pool with Throwers. Focusing on getting your best players leveled is of absolute paramount importance, here.

When it comes to spending money, you’ll want to prioritize getting an Apothecary straight away to keep those Blitzers and Blockers alive. After that, it’s fine to get a Python Warrior Thrower as your 13th player as she will add some utility to the roster.

As for leveling, Blitzers and Blockers need Block ASAP. For Jaguar Warrior Blockers, I feel that you can go one of two ways: First, grab Guard to act as that all-important support piece. After that, Stand Firm makes a lot of sense as it combos incredibly well with Guard. The other way is to build a removal machine: Mighty Blow (+1) to start, and Frenzy to finish it off. At that point your Jaguar Warrior would be a miniature Big Guy, and a very scary asset on the field. Alternatively, you could combine the approaches, here: the first Jaguar Warrior to get a second skill-up gets Guard, and the second gets Mighty Blow (+1). Then, when they level again, they each take the skill they don’t have, and you’ve got two amazing support and removal pieces!

For the Piranha Warrior Blitzers, after you get Block, you can go a couple of ways. If you have one primary ball-carrier, Sidestep is a great choice to help keep them out of trouble and a great way to avoid getting crowd surfed. It’s also great to help set up Frenzy traps. If you do that, consider Sure Hands or Safe Pair of Hands after that to help ensure ball security for your team. For your primary Blitzer, Frenzy is the ideal choice. Getting multiple bites of the apple, as it were, is never a bad thing.

As far as Eagle Warrior Linewomen go, I would suggest taking a random General skill whenever any of them ever get to 3 SPP. The only skill in there you don’t want is Shadowing, and any of the rest of them will have utility or be downright good. Since they’re not your ball carriers they won’t gain SPP quickly (or at all!), so cashing in quickly is huge with them.

Finally, if your Python Warrior Thrower ever levels, give her Leader first and Block second.

HardyRoach: I’m gonna be a devil’s advocate here and suggest a roster that starts with the thrower. While it’s obviously not an optimal starting set up, I do really like starting with On The Ball, as it makes Amazon’s mediocre movement a little less of a handicap at the start of the drive.

  • 2 Jaguar Warrior Blockers
  • 2 Piranha Warrior Blitzers
  • 1 Python Warrior Thrower
  • 6 Eagle Warrior Linewomen
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • 4 Dedicated Fans
  • 1000k TV

You’re starting without a bench, which is definitely risky, but those Dedicated Fans should get you enough money after the first game to get another linewoman. Just cross your fingers that nobody important dies before that happens.

Skill-wise, early priorities are to get Block on both Blitzers and both Jaguar Warriors, which shouldn’t be too challenging as they all have good AGI and MA. Getting Block or Sure Hands on the Thrower is a secondary priority. Once your core skills are sorted, get Guard on the Jags – now that Blitzers don’t have S access you need to get it where you can – and maybe Frenzy on one of the Blitzers and Sidestep on the other. Frenzy is crazy good, as Ghidra said earlier, as they can step back from counter surfs with Hit and Run. For the Linewomen, it never hurts to have a couple of Wrestlers, but for most of them you’ll want to take Block. Taking a Dirty Player is not a bad idea either, as linewomen are cheap. I’m also a fan of Kick on any team, but your mileage may vary.

Amazon Eagle Warrior Linewoman. Credit: Fowler

Tournament Rosters

Tournament packs are different wherever you go, but they’re generally around either 1100 or 1200 TV to build your team. We’ve compiled a few examples here for you as a jumping-off point for your next tournament with your brand new Amazons!

1100 TV

Dan: This team kinda shines at 1100 TV tournaments. They can take pretty much everything they need, and have a couple of bench players besides. For my first roster, I’ve thrown together what I think will end up being the “standard” tournament roster for Amazon coaches. With 13 players, you have a ton of flexibility, but if you don’t want to buy more than just the box, you can remove one of the Linewomen and replace her with an Apothecary, as they’re both 50k. Here’s the roster:

  • 2 Python Warrior Throwers
  • 2 Piranha Warrior Blitzers
  • 2 Jaguar Warrior Blockers
  • 7 Eagle Warrior Linewomen
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • Total: 1090k gp

For skills, you’re going to want to distribute Block to your Blitzers and Blockers first. After that, if you can, throwing Guard on a Blocker would be excellent, and so would Mighty Blow (+1). Leader on a Thrower probably isn’t necessary, as you’re coming in with 3 re-rolls, so you can focus on your combat skills.

For the next couple of rosters, it’s important to remember that we have 2 excellent star players that clock in at 200k or less. That’s cheap enough to run in an 1100 TV tournament, so let’s take a look at some rosters using them.

  • 1 Python Warrior Thrower
  • 2 Piranha Warrior Blitzers
  • 2 Jaguar Warrior Blockers
  • 6 Eagle Warrior Linewomen
  • Estelle la Veneaux
  • 2 Re-rolls
  • Total: 1090k gp

Estelle’s ridiculous special rule and her combination of Dodge, Sidestep, and Guard make her an extremely potent support player. You’ve also got all of your pieces from the normal team, albeit with fewer re-rolls. But that’s ok! This is a perfect roster for running Leader on your Thrower to get that much-needed third re-roll. After you fill out your Blockers and Blitzers with Block, of course.

Next up, let’s take a look at a roster with everyone’s favorite Snakeman, Boa Kon’ssstriktr:

  • 1 Python Warrior Thrower
  • 2 Piranha Warrior Blitzers
  • 2 Jaguar Warrior Blockers
  • 6 Eagle Warrior Linewomen
  • Boa Kon’ssstriktr
  • 2 Re-rolls
  • Total: 1100k gp

Boa’s a stunningly effective ball carrier and his Hypnotic Gaze skill on defense will allow your Jaguar Warriors to bypass cage corners and go right for the opposing team’s throat (figuratively, at least). Personally, I like him a tiny bit more than Estelle, since he can turn off opposition players every turn of the game as opposed to just once, and he brings unparalleled offensive utility. You’ll want to focus on the same skills as above. Not gonna lie, this might be my favorite tourney list so far for Amazons.

1200 TV

Dan: Without Star Players, Amazons don’t really benefit too much from having access to 1200 TV. You’d just add a couple of Linewomen to the first roster I posted above. However, at 1200 TV, Amazon teams can really make use of those new Star Players.

First, let’s take a look at a roster featuring the Primordial Nightmare himself, Glotl Stop:

  • 2 Python Warrior Throwers
  • 2 Piranha Warrior Blitzers
  • 2 Jaguar Warrior Blockers
  • 5 Eagle Warrior Linewomen
  • Glotl Stop
  • 2 Re-rolls
  • Total: 1200k gp

Glotl is an incredible defensive asset with his unparalleled cage-smashing ability, his inbuilt crowd surfing threat, and his potential for removal. He’s also extremely effective at setting the corner of your own cage, but he can also perform un-failable Blitzes (thanks to Animal Savagery) to clear a path for your speedy Piranha Warriors. I’m kind of starting to fall in love with Glotl a little bit. Maybe they could put him on a t-shirt for me.

Finally, I’d like for you to consider one more Star Player combo: The humble Grak and Crumbleberry! Here’s the roster:

  • 1 Python Warrior Thrower
  • 2 Piranha Warrior Blitzers
  • 2 Jaguar Warrior Blockers
  • 7 Eagle Warrior Linewomen
  • Grak & Crumbleberry
  • 2 Re-rolls
  • Total: 1200k gp

Grak and Crumbleberry give this team a lot of what it lacks: a Sure Hands piece in Crumbleberry, a solid removal threat in Grak, and the ability to kick a teammate in a pinch. Combined with a 14-player roster, for when your paltry AV8+ breaks, you’re looking at an extremely solid team. You’re once again going to have to lean on Leader to get you that third re-roll, but all the pieces for a successful team are right there. If you wanted, you could swap out a Linewomen for an Apothecary, too. A truly flexible roster! You’re not getting this anywhere else, folks!


Final Thoughts

HardyRoach: I have decidedly mixed feelings on these changes. While the Dodge spam has always made Amazons quite a strong team, it also makes them an incredibly swingy team that can be frustrating to play with. You can’t reliably dodge away from scrums, so you’re basically relying on the Dodge spam to keep everyone upright. Some games, your opponent cannot knock you down, other games, they get nothing but POWs. I was hoping this element would be improved in the new team, perhaps by giving them new gimmicks that aren’t just Dodge on everything, but I can’t say I quite got my wish. I would have been more happy if some of the positionals, like the Blitzers and new Blockers, traded in their Dodge for Block and Brawler/Claw, respectively. The new skills, stat changes and positionals are nice, but it hasn’t quite solved what I viewed as the team’s core problems.

Having said that, while I think the team is less strong now, I do think it’ll be a much more interesting team to actually play and to play against. It’s not a drastic change, but adding more variance in MA and STR across the team, as well as some oddball skills, definitely makes them less of a milquetoast experience.

K_G: Well, to answer my own initial question, this is a team that is a little harder to hate.  I’m definitely disappointed that the linos –  and these are the pieces that will largely define the experience of playing with them and against them – remain unchanged Dodge spammers.  But I like what GW has tried to do with the Blitzers and Blockers, and I think we will see lots of interesting development and play options for them.  It’s a shame they didn’t get a dedicated Big Guy as these can also add a lot of mechanical variation and character to a team, and though the new Stars do a good job of providing both of those, they will obviously see less field time.  This is a slightly worse but definitely more interesting team and I am keen to see what the community can do with them.

Dan: The Teams of Legend Amazon team was definitely a nuisance, but a boring and slow one. A lot of things can be said about the new iteration of Amazons, but boring ain’t one of ‘em! The Amazon team is now much more dynamic, and I think a lot of coaches are going to have a ton of fun leading them to victory. Is the new team better? Probably not, no. But the new team is far more interesting and engaging, and, boy howdy, do those new models absolutely slap! You other coaches better get your Tacklers ready, because you’re about to see 1,000 new Amazon teams out in the wild, and they’re comin’ for ya!

Thanks for reading, sports fans! We’ll see you during the week as Dan breaks down what happened at the 20th annual Chaos Cup!