Hobby 101: Goonhammer’s Written Tutorial Series

Our Hobby 101 series is an ongoing series of detailed tutorials from some of Goonhammer’s best painters. Our goal is to provide informative, step-by-step references for hobby basics and painting techniques! Have you ever read one of our How to Paint Everything articles and wondered how do do some of the techniques mentioned? Start here!

Hobby 101 (Sponsored by The Army Painter)

Hobby 101: Starter Sets to Begin Your Journey
Hobby 101: Clipping & Model Preparation
Hobby 101: Miniature Assembly
Hobby 101: Priming
Hobby 101: Painting Basics – Traditional Acrylic Paints
Hobby 101: One-Coat Painting – Speed Paints, Contrast, and More
Hobby 101: How to Use Varnish with Miniatures
Hobby 101: Basing
Hobby 101: Transporting your Models
Hobby 101: Painting Palettes