The Goonhammer Hot Take: The World Eaters FAQ

World Eaters finally have their own codex, or at least a few datasheets for Angron to cart around while he dies and resurrects repeatedly. As a nominally real codex, they needed an FAQ and Errata, and now they technically have one.

You can find the document here, or in the FAQs section of the Warhammer Community site. Let’s go through the changes in detail, and see what’s changed and also what hasn’t.

Updates & Errata



Note: FAQ, singular. There is one.

The question is whether you can replace a named character’s Warlord Trait. The answer, which will not surprise you because it’s been the case for practically forever, is no.

I am deeply curious who was asking this. It does not seem like an asked question, let alone a frequently-asked one. My best guess here is that they needed to have something to publish, so that all the Freak TOs that ban Codexes until they have an FAQ out would be obliged to allow World Eaters, but couldn’t think of anything.

What isn’t here?

Virtually everything isn’t here.

Look, I know this is a low-efffort Hot Take, but I think it’s commensurate with the effort that went into the FAQ itself. Maybe there were just no questions, and the book is perfect. Maybe the actual questions people are asking – “Where are the bikes, or the Raptors, or Warp Talons?” and “Why is the World Eater Daemon Prince the only one with a gun” – are out of scope for a document like this, which is a fair point. Still, it’s hard to see this particular FAQ as anything other than a mandatory box-checking download, if not a placeholder. It’s fine, I guess.