The Vadinax Campaign: Retribution on Mordrax

Hi everyone! Mike David here. I will be organising the local Vadinax Campaign in Edinburgh, Scotland. This campaign will be the third in a trilogy of connected stories on Mordrax Prime, the setting for all the Edinburgh and Lothians Gamers 9th Ed campaigns. This all started back in the early days of the edition, with many of us playing small, unconnected games which allowed us to explore the Crusade rules and mechanics. Along the way we developed the story hooks and lore of Mordrax, a hive world in decline with evidence of pre -Imperial human and xenos cultures and enough mystery in its past to fuel lots of stories.

Back in 2022, when I heard Goonhammer were relaunching Administratum, I was keen to try to use the new tools to power a structured campaign and play with some of the rules that had appeared in the warzone books and flashpoint articles. I drew together some of the story elements the club had developed and set out the basic premise for the escalating conflict on the planet: The initial skirmishes had prompted several different factions to flee the system, but a warp storm left their voidcraft trapped, forcing many to descend to the planet before supplies ran out. The Magistrates who rule Mordrax were having none of this and so the inevitable war began between the guardians on the planet, the invading forces and those looking to exploit the confusion for their own purpose. This also silenced any rumours that my pen name is Aaron Dembski Bowden.

After 150 games over three phases and lots of weird and fun crusade missions, that campaign has drawn to a close. I wanted to keep exploring the narrative on Mordrax, but needed to go bigger again for part 3. I was stuck for ideas on how to do that, until I saw we could link into a global campaign. What a way to finish the trilogy!


Mordrax Prime

Here are a few of the places, forces and personalities that will take part in the campaign.


Emburia is the largest and most important continent on Mordrax, containing the main planetary defences, a city sized manufactorum and Hive Emburia, the planetary capital. It has recently been ravaged by a long and costly war which has seen the Council of Magistrates, who once governed the system, replaced by the High Magistrate, who now rules unquestioned.


A blasted, irradiated landscape. Hive Nadir once dominated this region until M34 when a voidship crashed on the city, its warp drive detonating and changing the map of Mordrax forever. Mutants, abhumans and Xenos plague the region, sometimes launching ill-fated attacks against outposts and Imperial colonies. Those who live in these remote settlements speak of echoes on the winds, cries of anguish and pleasure, while some have seen…… something else, out there in the deserts. Only sanctioned Imperial expeditions are allowed to traverse the region due to the highly dangerous radiation and enemies. Few expeditions return.


Aleph Proxima, Mordrax’s closest moon, has an unnaturally short orbital period. This has made it an ideal location for Imperial listening posts, taking advantage of its fast sweep around the planet to scan the void for any threats to the system. The unusual composition of the moon has also attracted deep mining operations. Local Arbites frequently resolve disputes between the various mining settlements. Most recently, one of the mining alliances has been accused of using outlawed plasma charges and mining to a forbidden depth, endangering the tectonic stability of the other settlements. This type of accusation is typical of the politics on the frozen surface of Aleph Proxima.



Image credit: Rich Oliver. Instagram: thefighting95th

The Magistrates have never been popular rulers among the populace of Mordrax and the new High Magistrate, being secretly a follower of chaos and all that, has a very low approval rating. The developments of the war have encouraged the local T’au Water Caste to enflame this popular decent. They have even sent weapons and now allies to aid the rebels who are taking up arms against The High Magistrate’s Army. What the T’au have not yet realised is they are mainly funding a Genestealer Cult uprising. Ah well, they will work it out soon enough. Probably.


Belegard Shadowblade

Image credit: Liam O’Flynn

Belegard is the warleader of an incredible Exodite army fielded by Liam, the original chronicler of all our lore and battles. Liam can’t play in this campaign, so I have brought Belegard in as one of our Dramatis Personae. He will be there to encourage the players to keep hidden the secrets of Mordrax.


Let’s Go!

We are almost all set to launch into our campaign, Retribution on Mordrax, and link up with other players around the Vadinax sector. I am really looking forward to it for two reasons. Firstly, it encourages elements of the hobby that I love, like conversions and kit-bashing, as well as a little creative writing. It’s ideal for all our members who enter the Black Library open submissions every year. I can’t wait to see new conversions, new armies and read the stories that go with them.

More importantly, narrative games are a great way for new players to try out 40k or come along to the club for the first time. We start our campaigns with 500 point game nights and we don’t have any painting requirements in the first few weeks. So, if you want to venture to the Vadinax Sector, join our Discord and we will welcome you to Mordrax.

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