JAKTP Episode 47 – Scouts & Blades of Khaine! Kill Team Salvation with Kevin

Join us in this episode of Kill Team Salvation as we welcome Kevin to the conversation. Delve into the shadowy world of Scouts and the fierce strategies of Blades of Khaine. Whether you're a Scout enthusiast or fascinated by...

Kill Team Tactics: Hierotek Circle

Released in mid 2023 with the Shadowvault expansion for Kill Team, the Hierotek Circle reintroduced Necrons to Kill Team and replaced the Tomb World Kill Team in the compendium. And while they were weak at first, several rounds of...

JAKTP Episode 44 – Turning Point Tactics Ryan Talks Exaction Squad and Starstriders

Tune in this week and Jason and Travis chat with Ryan of Turning Point Tactics. Coming in from his top 8 performance at the world championships of warhammer, he's here to talk about the casual to competitive pipeline. Along...

Kill Team Salvation – Scouts Kill Team Review

We look at the new Space Marine Scouts Kill Team in KT Salvation - their rules, how they stack up to other teams, and how they're likely to fit into the current meta.

Kill Team Tactics: Kasrkin

Travis Cheng takes an in-depth look at Kasrkin kill teams - how to play them and make the most of them in a post-dataslate world.

The Kill Team Q4 2023 Dataslate Hot Take

The Kill Team Q4 2023 Dataslate Hot Take - Everything's getting a major shake up, just in time for LVO! Find out what changed and what it means.

JAKTP Episode 42 – World Champions of Warhammer Live

Join us in this episode as we follow along with Travis's journey through the WCW. Goonhammer graciously allowed me to ring for the WCW (link here), and I spent some time interviewing players. We've got interviews with communities all...

Ringing at the Kill Team World Championships: An Event Report

Salutations readers, welcome to my recap of the 2023 World Championships of Warhammer, in which I played as a ringer! I was both very lucky to be covering the event for Goonhammer and also to be allowed to play in...

Goonhammer Interviews the Top 4 Players from the 2023 Kill Team World Championships

Welcome back to our nearly complete coverage the 2023 World Championships of Warhammer. Yesterday we took a look at the meta of the top 8 bracket at the event and spoke with the players who finished fifth through eighth. Today we're...

Goonhammer Interviews the 2023 WCW Kill Team Top 8, Part 1: Players 5-8

This year’s World Championship of Warhammer has come and gone, bringing with it reports that the Ork Kommando meta has fallen short of  the finish line. It seems Feel No Pains, Tentacles, and Mouths in odd places were the...

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I got my start in Warhammer in 2006, with 4th edition Tau. Even back then I was mostly interested in Kill Team and have fond memories of looking at the chef in white dwarf articles on 4chan. I left the game around then as well due to a lack of local players, and came back in for Kill Team 2018. I started a group, but most of us felt the game was a bit stodgy and slow paced. Come around to Kill Team 2021, and the game was revitalized with solid game play. I hit the ground running for the Kill Team event at the Killteam Open by forming a practice group – the Brooklyn Rats
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Getting Started with Legions Imperialis – Solar Auxilia Tactics

We dive into the basics of the Solar Auxilia - what makes them work and what you need to know about playing them.
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