Necromunday: Sump Con 2023 – An Event Report

The elements were against Sump Con 3: The Ghast and the Furious, a Necromunda weekender hosted by the brains behind the Sump City Radio podcast. As gang warfare enthusiasts converged on Derbyshire, the central English country was struck by...

Necromunday: Ironhead Squat Prospectors Claim Jumper Review

Gold! Gold from the Sump rivers! The Ironhead Squats, one of Necromunda’s newest gangs, have gained their first unique regular hanger-on in the form of the Claim Jumper. In this article, we take a look at this powerful new...

The Joy of Wrecks: A Wrecker Orlock gang guide

Look to the skies, scummers — this week we’re going high with a guide to playing (almost) all-Wrecker Orlock gangs. Strap on your speed goggles and get ready to fly! All Necromunda players have a favourite fighter type, but if...

Necromunday – Apocrypha Necromunda Reviews

Saddle up, scummers! This week, we’re reviewing the smorgasbord of new rules from the various Apocrypha Necromundas — or should that be Apocryphas Necromunda? — that Games Workshop have released over recent months. From ambot-embedded hereteks to an extremely toxic...

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A History of Miniature Violence: A White Dwarf Retrospective

Since the earliest days of Games Workshop, White Dwarf has been a constant staple of the hobby. Long before...
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