JoyToy Imperial Fists & Ork Kommandos Figures: The Goonhammer Review

Thanks to JoyToy for sending me these figures for review.

It’s not every day a rad company like JoyToy reaches out and offers to send you some rad stuff. And while we’ve reviewed them before, JoyToy has been on an absolute tear since then releasing what seems like the entire 40k range, with tons of new options. A major thank you to them for supplying these and even catering to armies that I own.

I was not an action figure kid growing up. I was all about Matchbox, Lego, and later, trains. I don’t have any historical love for them, but damn, as the first action figures I’ve ever had, these are dope.

JoyToy Ork Kommandos. Credit: 40khamslam.

Initial Impressions

I know Goonhammer has reviewed other JoyToy figures previously, but this is my first time getting my grubby mitts on anything from JoyToy. They’re chunky, really well detailed and very nicely painted. I could see someone going back and cleaning some stuff up, especially on the Orks, but looking at them like toys, they rule. I’m really impressed by their posability and articulation, especially on the Orks. The joints are in the skin, but they don’t stand out too much.

My only complaint, and this stems from me being afraid to break stuff, is that I found getting the guns into hands to be very difficult. I ended up using a screwdriver to pry open the hands to get the grips in and actually broke one of the wrist connections on an Ork in the process. Two holes, a brass pin and some super glue fixed him up but it was not my favorite.

The Imperial Fists

These require some assembly, adding the hands and guns to the Marines, and with Tor Garadon getting his gun, cloak, and targeter added on. The cloak is made of this soft rubber (?) with a clasp that actually slides together, which is a neat touch. All of their backpacks just pop on.

The squad and chapter markings are crisp and I like all the chipping and battle damage they added on these as it breaks up what would otherwise be very yellow marines.

The Kommandos

It’s like they took the CAD files for these and upscaled them, and I mean that as a compliment. I have yet to paint my 28mm Kommandos, but having assembled them, these are dead ringers. My favorites of this bunch are the Sniper and Boss. The amount of articulation is impressive, giving loads of options for posing, though you are limited by their weapons. As these are mostly organic shapes and textures the paint work is really impressive, with good highlights and shading across the skin and clothing.

I wish the Ork heads had a little more range of movement. As it is, they can’t turn side-to-side much, which makes posing a little static. I just want them looking down their gun barrels, especially on the Sniper and Shoota boy.

All the Big Boys

Turns out I have a bunch of LARGE Imperial Fists.

All my large-scale Imperial Fists. Credit: 40khamslam.

How do the JoyToy figures stack up with the other large-scale Marine offerings? Well, they’re smaller than the Bandai, but almost the same size as the old Forge World Imperial Space Marine. And the Funko is, well, a Funko.

Final Thoughts

They’re really cool. I would love to see more Orks get this treatment. Just think: Meganobz? Lootas? Killa Kans? Ghaz?!? That said, I deffo want to take more pictures with these outside when the weather improves, and my terrain brain is sorely tempted to make a diorama to fit them in. Maybe something wall mounted, riffing on the Mike McVey Space Hulk dioramas of yore…

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