Necromunday: Lost Zone Index

Welcome, Scummers, to the Lost Zone! This is a Goonhammer-made module for the game of Necromunda that intends to bring back the desperate scrabbling for resources that existed in the previous version of the game. With it, we are focusing on narrative play, slower gang progression, and far more scarce resources. If you’re interested in adding any of this to your next or current campaign, then read on!

The Lost Zones are areas of the Underhive forgotten by the rest of Necromunda. Frontier towns, buried domes, the edge of the great Sump Sea, and other similar locations. There are no huge markets, house support, and even power, food, and water down here is scarce enough to always be a concern. Gangs in the Lost Zones aren’t there for fun: they’ve been outlawed, exiled, or are in search of rare and buried treasures to earn their way back into “regular” Necromundan life. But as they’ll find, survival in the Lost Zones isn’t guaranteed, and indeed, isn’t even easy.

With this module, you’ll be able to add a layer of scarcity and hardship to your Necromunda campaigns. Instead of fielding a crack team of house operatives, your gang is forced to scavenge for equipment, scrape the bottom of the barrel for new recruits, and rely on skills instead of characteristic increases. This most definitely an project in-progress, so stay tuned to Goonhammer every Monday for updates and expanded rules. Here’s what we have so far:

The Trading Post and Black Market: Life is hard in the Lost Zone, and goods are scarce. Use our randomly-generated Trading Post and Black Market to introduce scarcity into your campaign!

Components and the Weaponsmith: Need to buy something from your house equipment list? Well, you’re going to have to find the parts for it first. Thankfully, we’ve created a method that emphasizes Loot Caskets as a secondary objective in Necromunda missions and allows players to access their house lists.

Gang Comp and Recruiting: Good help is hard to find in the Lost Zones, and these restrictions on gang comp and recruiting help to make a more character-driven and equitable campaign.

Advancements: You didn’t think you could just hit the weight room at the end of the world, did you? In Lost Zone campaigns, fighters have to rely on upgrading their skillset rather than their bodies. Trust us, it makes for a lot more fun.

Skills: No characteristic advancements means that we’ve got to upgrade skills across the board. This article contains our take on quite a few underpowered skills.

Genghis Cohen’s Take on Simplified Lost Zone Rules: Genghis Cohen brings some expertise to the table with a simplified Lost Zone ruleset.

Reputation: Learn how to turn the often-forgotten, somewhat meaningless stat Reputation into an important campaign resource!

Territories: Read on and see how we’re re-framing territories as a part of the Lost Zone campaign.

Scenarios: Learn how to string together games in a Lost Zone campaign.

Arbitrator Suggestions: In the final Lost Zone article, we delve into some suggestions for running a successful and fun Lost Zone campaign.

The Lost Zone Rules Packet: With new rules regarding Outlaws, this is where you can download a handy PDF that will guide you through the Lost Zone! Enjoy!

We’ll be adding to this index as articles are released, so keep an eye on this space for new content!