Pendulin’s 2021 Hobby Year in Review

Twenty twenty-one, what a year. Gone in a flash, it feels like just yesterday that I was locked inside my home with the world collapsing around me. Granted I’m still locked inside, toiling away from home in the dumbest apocalypse imaginable, but at least I had the chance to paint some great looking models.

Fancy Pictures

But before we dive into new models, I want to take a brief stop at some pictures I shot this year which I rather like. You might have seen these around the site in various articles, but here they are all together. Real happy with how these turned out, and I hope to take more next year!

Adeptus Mechanicus

Back on track with new models I painted this year, if you kept up with my Road to Goonhammer Open series, you’ll know that I went a bit mad painting Sicarians in the two or so months leading up to GHO. You may ask, was this too many Sicarians? And I’d have to answer that there are never enough Sicarians. But also yes, yes this was too many.

But the fun didn’t end with Sicarians, I painted up a handful of other robo weirdos because why burn one pile of money when you can burn two for twice the price.


In other “eradicate the flesh” news, I made decent progress on my Necron backlog. I think I might be one of the few Necron players who have more non-Troop models in their army than Troops. Goal for 2022: build and paint more Warriors.

Because I have been cursed by a cool wife, the Silent King has been the albatross hanging over my head since last Christmas. It took my months and months of diligent procrastination to finally finish it, but it’s all done now, and here are some more shots of this absolute beast of a model.

Adeptus Custodes

With the Custodes codex coming soon, I’m racing against the clock to build a full army in time for release. Not sure if I’ll make it, but these models are damned well worth the attempt.

If these look familiar, you might recall I authored a How To Paint Everything: Adeptus Custodes Shadowkeepers article, which goes over every step on painting these up. You might notice that one of these Allarus Custodians was actually painted in 2020, not 2021, and yet I’m including it in this year’s hobby review. Why, you ask? Well, because I’m a rebel like that.

Odds and End Models

In addition to everything above, I also painted a handful of other random models. Some for fun, while one was for the most elaborate series of articles I’ve written, Getting Started with Photogrammetry.

And speaking of photogrammetry, I would be remiss if this year in review didn’t include the 3D model I generated for that article.


And last but also least, some dumb drawings I did this year. While I’m no artist, I can certainly say that these are technically PNGs that I technically drew. Technically.

That’s my 2021 hobby year, and what a year it’s been: I learned, I laughed, I accidentally stabbed myself with a hobby knife a dozen times. Fond memories.

I never know what to write in these footers with their calls to action. It’s one of those “what do I do with my hands” situations. How about a prompt: Tetragrammaton is my favorite song by The Mars Volta, comment on yours down below!

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