Necromunday Weekender at the Goonhammer Open Baltimore 2024

Howdy, scummers! This week on Necromunday, we are talking about our upcoming Necromunda event at the GHO. While colossal armies rage across the planet, the gangs of the hive world Lenk fight for control of the underhive. The 40k Narrative and the Necromunda campaigns will have effects on each...

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Warhammer 40K

Hammer of Math: Pariah Nexus Deployments

This week's Hammer of Math takes a step away from probability and heads back to middle school to examine the geometry of the Pariah Nexus deployments. It's weird to think that 10th Edition is a year old. In a way it feels like it's been around for much longer, but two years ago we were still dealing with faction secondary objectives and actions. A year later Games Workshop is setting sail on the Leviathan Mission Pack and kicking us through the Warp into the Pariah Nexus, where things will be...

Age of Sigmar

Traveling With Your Minis

We cover the ins and outs of traveling with minis, including tips and tricks for making sure your models arrive safe and undamaged, and what to do when they don't.


Modern Horizons 3 Review, Part 3 of 3: Colorless Cards

Magic’s newest set is on the way, the hotly anticipated Modern Horizons 3. Printing a bunch of powerful new cards that can't go in Standard, the previous two iterations both were seismic events in Modern, Legacy, and Commander massively shifting the meta and providing valuable reprints. This time around we're getting another bumper crop of cards including a bunch of new Eldrazi and a welcome reprint of fetchlands. A new set means new cards, and we're wrapping up our review with the colorless cards. As usual we won't be looking at everything, and we'll be doing this primarily but...

Magic the Gathering


HTPE: Rockfish’s Iron Warriors

The horrors and life in general have been easing up a bit, and there's nowhere better to start writing again than to talk about yet another new army I've started. In this case, Iron Warriors! I've managed to avoid the call of painting a chaos army for years due to trim hell that has plagued every conceptualization of a colour scheme I've thought of. Sadly the beckon of some spiky marines appears to have overpowered my dread at the thought of painting that much trim. I was a bit strategic with this scheme though, I went for one where...


Brood Brother Tactics with Just Another Killteam Podcast!

Today we've got a quick little teaser article with a couple Kill Team tactics for the new Brood Brothers team! With 4 shorts hosted on youtube, from Just Another Killteam Podcast in conjunction with Mobhammer40k (Mobhammer40k youtube)! Filmed over at the Brooklyn Strategist! We'll do a text breakdown of each short, and drop a link to each! Tactic 4: Iconward, and the Sapper In this one we have the Brood Brother Iconward and the Sapper facing off against a single Marine. After the Sapper drops its explosives, and gets incapacitated by the marine. The Iconward's ability, or the Sapper itself can cause...