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Welcome, Scummer, to the exciting world of Necromunda! While massive armies clash for supremacy of the battlefields of the grim dark millennium, the battles that rage in the industrial hives of the galaxy’s human cities are just as tense, filled with daring gangers attempting to secure fortune and loot.

Whether you’re a juve just starting out and looking to understand what you’ll need to play, a seasoned ganger looking for ways to take your game to the next level, or an arbitrator looking for campaign resources, we’ve got you covered. Necromunday is a weekly Goonhammer column written by Dan “The Sex Cannon” Boyd and Jules “Merton” O’Hare.

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Getting Started

You Should Be Playing Necromunda: An overview for the curious, and a great starting-off point for folks looking to get into the system. If you’re new here, give this one a read!

The 2019 FAQ: The game is constantly evolving, so don’t miss out on any of the tweaks and fixes that might clear up a few questions from the books.


Gangs of the Underhive

House Cawdor: Trash collectors with a burning love of the Emperor, prone to building their weapons out of whatever garbage is available. Fond of makeshift flamethrowers and rat-borne explosives.

House Delaque: Sneaky weirdos who depend on gadgets and shenanigans to win their battles. Web Guns and Toxin ammo will steal them their victory, but they’ll struggle in a stand-up fight.

House Escher: Fleet of foot and nimble with a poisoned blade, members of House Escher are the queens of toxin and gas weaponry.

House Goliath: Strong, tough, and just smart enough to figure out which direction to point their Stub Cannons. Goliaths are relentless.

House Orlock: These Miners may be the generalist gang, but don’t let that fool you! They’re tough customers who can take down anyone with pure fundamentals.

House Van Saar: Sharpshooters par excellence, equally as deadly at long range and up close with their pistols.

Corpse Grinder Cults: Crazed cannibal Khornites, the Grinders eschew ranged combat almost entirely to focus on a terrifying melee prowess.

Genestealer Cults: Sneaky, stabby, shooty, and occasionally packing extra arms, these Xenos infiltrators do it all.

Helot Cults: Teeming hordes of Chaos Cultists, praying to their dark gods for boons and special Wyrd Powers. Occasionally turn into gibbering monstrosities.

Palanite Enforcers: The cops are jusdt another gang in the Underhive, and this precinct’s packing enough Bolters, Grenade Launchers, and Riot Shields to quash any uprising.

Slave Ogryns: Tougher than anything else in the Underhive and dumber than a box of rocks, Ogryns will happily rip you in half barehanded, if it’ll get them closer to their freedom.

Venators: Bounty Hunters banded together for a common cause. The build-your-own style of gang, with templates available to fit almost any model in your collection.


Strategy & Resources

Tactics Cards: Every single Tactic Card in Necromunda, ranked and evaluated. Includes our method of integrating them into our Campaigns with a lot less hassle than the standard method.

The Ultimate Skills Guide: Every basic skill in the game, with prospective uses and common pitfalls to avoid.

Special Ammo and Grenades: Special utility for special situations, bullets and bombs that do something more elegant than merely kill.

Dealing With Melee: Goliaths and Grinders getting too close for comfort? Bone up on the always-classy tactical withdrawal!

Into the Badzones: Terrain rules, environmental hazards, and special in-game events from the Book of Peril, perfect for spicing up a standard battle.

Underdogs and Catch-Up Mechanics: Down, but not out. Integrate a few of these systems to keep lower-ranked players eager to claw their way back up to the top.

Psykers and Wyrds: Getting the most out of your Warp-infused friends, and understanding the Psychic Powers.

Campaign Progression Series

Advancements: How to spend your hard-earned Experience, and possible archetypes for your fighters to grow into.

The Trading Post: Getting the most bang for your buck at the Trading Post and Black Market.

Reputation, Brutes, and Hangers-on: The perks of notoriety, and how to manage and recruit your new roster of underlings.


Introduction to Alliances: Getting started with allies, all of the current options and mechanics for use in Campaigns.

Guild Allies: Full breakdown of all six Guilder factions, with boons, drawbacks, and Retinues.

Criminal Allies: Full breakdown of all six Recidivist factions, with boons, drawbacks, and Retinues.

Noble Allies: No article yet, as only one of the six Noble factions (House Greim) has been released so far!

Goonhammer’s Narrative Alliance System: Make your players wow their prospective patrons with the Ol’ Razzle Dazzle before an Alliance can be formed. Designed to encourage gangs to work toward Alliances as a goal, rather than a mindless optimization choice.

All The Missions

Scenarios – The Rulebook: All of the missions from the Hardcover Rulebook, with explanations and balance recommendations for a better fight on both sides!

Scenarios – Book of Peril, Book of Ruin, White Dwarf: More of the same, with another batch of missions. Includes the White Dwarf Gang Raid pamphlet’s scenarios.

Multiplayer Scenarios: More’s the merrier with these missions, able to easily accommodate 3+ players on a single board.

Goonhammer’s Modified Scenario Tables: Campaign Scenario generation tailored to each system, with an eye towards variety, fun, and fairness.

Building Custom Scenarios: Can’t find the perfect mission for your event? Make your own!

Solo Scenarios – The Hunt: Our quarantine-induced battle reports from Necromunda’s first single-player Scenario.


Necromunda Campaigns

Starting Your Own Campaign: Take the reins and run a Campaign for your group as an Arbitrator. We promise, it’s not as tough as it seems!

Running a Weekend Campaign: Tips for running a short-form Campaign, and lessons learned from our own yearly Weekender, Cinco de Necro.

Dominion Territories: An exhaustive dive into every single Territory you’ll be fighting over in a Dominion Campaign.

Law and Misrule: An overview of the Book of Judgement’s campaign system. Become an Outlaw crime lord, or work with the authorities to make the Underhive safe again.

UprisingAn overview of the campaign system found in the Dark Uprising box set. Self-contained with punishing conditions, but with an amazing narrative setting.


House Rules and Modifications

Goonhammer’s House Rules: Whether it’s for game balance or just to quash any confusion over an unclear section in the books, House Rules are a great way to keep everybody on the same page. Here’s a couple of the ones we like to use!

Modified Scenario Tables: Campaign Scenario generation tailored to each system, with an eye towards variety, fun, and fairness.

The Tactics Card Deck: Our method of encouraging Tactic Card usage in our Campaigns, in a way that avoids the same cards from being played every single game.

Narrative Alliance System: Make your players wow their prospective patrons with the Ol’ Razzle Dazzle before an Alliance can be formed. Designed to encourage gangs to work toward Alliances as a goal, rather than a mindless optimization choice.

Player-Driven Bounty System: Finally, an excuse to use some Dramatis Personae, as players set bounties on each other and Bounty Hunters come to collect their quarry.




Review – House of ChainsUpdated Goliaths, Slave Ogryns, new scenarios and skills.

Review – Book of Ruin: Corpse Grinder Cults, updates to Helot Cults and Genestealer Cults, House Corruption.

Review – Book of Judgement: Palanite Enforcers, Criminal Alliances, the Black Market, Law and Misrule Campaign system.

Other Authors

Hammer of Math: Goonhammer contributor Kevin looks into the math behind Blast weapons and Out of Action probabilities.

Hammer of Math II: Kevin returns with a definitive take at how effective each weapon can be at doling out Serious Injuries.

Easy Necromunda Terrain: Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms has some beautiful Necromunda terrain, and he’s here to show us how he built and painted it!

Interview with James M Hewitt: Part three of Lupe’s interview with the mastermind behind the rebirth of Necromunda.



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