This series explores the world of Eä created by Para Bellum. Conquest has two distinct games: The Last Argument of Kings, a rank and flank massed infantry game and First Blood which is a skirmish game. Conquest scratches all the right itches of a rank and flank strategy while not taking forever to play!

Special thanks to Para Bellum for providing a significant amount of review material. In addition, if you want to get 10% off and support Goonhammer, make your Conquest purchase by clicking here for US/Canada or here for EU/rest of world. You’ll also need to enter code “goonhammer” at checkout. Look, we don’t make the rules, that’s just how it works!

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Conquest Model Review: Hundred Kingdoms

The Hundred Kingdoms are one of the founding factions in Conquest and their models have come an extremely long way. Between Warhammer, Song of...

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Conquest August ’23 Update

Para Bellum released an update to Conquest The Last Argument of Kings on the 18th of Sept and is bound to shake up people’s...

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Conquest Faction Focus: Dweghom

“Dweghom society is riven through and through. Violent confrontations between members of these factions are a common sight, where long standing feuds can spark...