Goonhammer Historicals – We Are Airplane Enjoyers

We here at Goonhammer Historicals like a good airplane. With co-editor Mugginns getting all up into the air war in Bag the Hun, and Masters of the Air gracing your TV screens right now, it's a good time to drop some knowledge bombs (or torpedoes). Today we're going to take a look at some of our favorite interesting, weird, dominant, and awful airplanes of World War 2. Remember what Sailor Malan (South African born Top Ace who commanded an...

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Warhammer 40K

Adeptus Custodes 10th Ed Lore Review: It Really is for Everyone

While the 10th Edition Adeptus Custodes codex has left a gaping hole in my heart where a competitive and functional army that I want to play should be, the lore in the book is top notch as always. Any of you that have read my articles or listened to me wax poetic online about the game should know that I am driven by a good story, either on or off the table and good Custodes lore in particular really gets my motor running. Abnett, Bowden, Wraight (and others) have...

Age of Sigmar

The Best Year in Gaming: 2015

We look at the games released in 2015 and talk about why it was the best year in gaming.


Outlaws of Thunder Junction Review, Part 3 of 4: Monocolor Cards

Magic’s newest expansion takes us to the newly introduced plane of Thunder Junction for a rootin’ tootin’ treasure huntin’ time. A new set means new cards, and we're continuing our review with the monocolor cards from the set.  Last time we covered the multicolor cards, and this time as usual we won't be looking at everything, and we'll be doing this primarily but not exclusively with an eye for Commander play.   Monocolor Cards   Another Round Marcy: There is certainly a way that the Boros decks that try to use Warleader's Call could certainly take advantage of this as a secondary finisher. The only downside...

Magic the Gathering


SRM’s Ongoing Stormbringer Review: Week 20

Stormbringer is a weekly hobby magazine from Hachette Partworks introducing players to Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. In this 80-week series, our intrepid magazine-receiver will be reviewing each individual issue, its included models, and gaming materials. A Premium US subscription was provided to Goonhammer for review purposes. If you want to follow along at home, US Customers can check out Stormbringer here. When I was a wee dweeb, I would regularly stop off at a comic and coin shop in Millerton, New York with my dad. It was the closest place to my house that sold Pokémon cards, Mage Knight...

Battle Bros Season Four, Chapter III: Build-a-Gang Workshop

THE BROS ARE BACK to go over building and painting Necromunda gangs, and we discover just what kind of a World one of them is in. (Hint: It's fantastic.)