Battletech Mech Overview: Ostsol

An all-timer of a heavy mech, the Ostsol is surprisingly underused for how good it is. Perigrin is looking at all the good variants, and the bad one too.

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Warhammer 40K


The Goonhammer group is made up of dozens of multi-talented authors, many of whom have other projects outside of the site. In addition to their work here, Dan Boyd and Campbell "SRM" McLaughlin have their own podcast, the 40K Badcast, a member of the Goonhammer Media Network.   We could have named this episode “If I ain’t truckin’, I’m fuckin'” but we didn’t because Rob from Goonhammer would get mad at us. And then the big fat checks would stop arriving every Friday. That’s right, we make big money off of...

Age of Sigmar

Games Industry News Roundup- July 16th, 2024

Here at Goonhammer, we know that it’s hard to keep track of all the news happening all the time in the games industry. So much is always going on with games of all sorts, and their related media, it can be a real blink-and-you’ll miss it situation.  That's why every week, we round up five of the biggest stories in the gaming sphere from the past week in the Games Industry News Roundup. Our trusty news boy, Dan “Swiftblade” Richardson, is here with the scoop. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Heads to...


Magic the Gathering Unstable Mutation: Creative Energy

Modern Horizons 3 has blessed us with support for an archetype that has been quite popular over the years, despite its lack of regular new cards: Energy. Savvy readers like you might be thinking "Hey, didn't we just get a commander deck related to Energy from the Fallout set?" That we did dear reader, and I think it's pretty awesome that we got that much support for this archetype in a short time frame. If you wanted to, you could cobble both decks together to make a really fun and unique brew: as a fan of Universes Beyond, this...

Magic the Gathering


Hobby 101 – Fixing Mistakes

Over the years the Goonhammer crew have put together a vast and expansive library of painting guides. Appropriately titled “How to Paint Everything” we’ve got schemes and recipes for 100s of models. They all, however, assume you know the difference between wet blending and glazing or what the hell “zenithal” means. Welcome to Hobby 101. This series will lay the groundwork to teach you the fundamentals and best practices to make your models shine.  The Hobby 101 series is sponsored by The Army Painter. A wiser man than me once said “to err is human,” but in the hundreds of years since these words...


Conquest – Tournament Report: Old Dominion at Conquer Canberra

With the Conquest ‘Road to Chios’ world series rapidly approaching the conclusion and climax of its first season, Australia has been hosting qualifying events for players across the country. CanCon 2024 was held in Canberra in January, The Coming of Kings in Western Australia in February, and Briscon 2024 in Brisbane in May. And, this weekend past, Canberra hosted its second world qualifier event: Conquer Canberra.  For those interested in the lists that were played at this event, I’ve separately done a full Tournament List Analysis video. Twenty-two players were present, playing five rounds over two days. Preparing for the Event...