Administratum: The Space Marines Update

Rejoice servants of the Imperium, for the Space Marine codex has arrived! This holy tome comes complete with guidance on sending your Chapter deep into the heart of the enemy to embark upon an Oathsworn Campaign to right wrongs, purge the heretic, and generally cause hijinks and tomfoolery in the 41st millennium.

And today marks the day that Administratum has support for such a momentous book, with the new add-on available to all our amazing Official Patrons.

Administratum Add-on – Codex: Space Marines

Stand strong against the unrelenting hordes, perform a surgical strike to take out key positions of your opposition, or etch your name into the chronicles of history, all with an Oathsworn Campaign. How does it work? Let’s look to the astropaths for the campaign ahead.

Before taking your first step, you must first plan the journey ahead. And that journey begins with heading to your roster’s Settings tab and installing the Codex: Space Marines add-on. If you are an extra cool Warhound Patrons then you can install this on your Campaign and unlock it for all members! If there are any Space Marine players in your Campaign, then it installs automatically in their Roster!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single installation

Oathsworn Campaigns

With the add-on installed, you’ll be able to embark upon an Oathsworn Campaign. Bring honour to your chapter, recover lost relics, or embark upon a quest of your own narrative making.

Name your Oathsworn Campaign for that extra narrative flavor

Once you’ve embarked upon an Oathsworn Campaign, you’ll unlock a whole host of Requisitions, including a unique one depending on which type of Oathsworn Campaign you embark upon. On your Roster dashboard, you’ll also see a Campaign Log that will track progress, promotions, and more.

Campaign Log, Stardate 999.M41: There’s something on the wing

Each battle you undertake brings you one step closer to achieving the goals of your Oathsworn Campaign, as well as earning Honour Points. Different agendas let you set short-term goals to gain additional honour while working towards the long-term missions of your campaign.

Fill this out in each of your Battle Reports!

Once the Oathsworn Campaign has concluded, Honour Points can be spent on promoting units, Chapter Command upgrades, or granting worthy units extra experience. For additional options, you can reach to the Requisitions in the Space Marines add-on, which include grim tasks like interring your wounded in Dreadnoughts.

Alas poor Bladeguard Ancient! I knew him, Horatio

There are loads of features and bells and whistles in this add-on, so install it today and get playing. Or, if you are in between games, check out the patch notes below for full details

Patch Notes: 2023-10-17

  • Added
    • Add-On – Codex: Space Marines
    • Add-On – Codex: Space Marines – Embark upon Oathsworn Campaigns to right wrongs, pursue justice, and gather Honour Points to upgrade your roster
      • Embark – Name your Oathsworn Campaign and set the campaign type, which controls which set of Agendas and unique Requisition you have access to
      • Battle Reports – While reporting each game, you can set how many Honour Points you earned as well as give that game a message that shows up in your Oathsworn Campaign log
      • Requisition – Fortification Network
      • Requisition – Storm-Swift Destruction
      • Requisition – The Esteem of the Chapter
      • Requisition – A Legacy Preserved
      • Requisition – Vaunted Triumph
      • Requisition – Enduring Duty
      • Requisition – Even in Death I Still Serve
      • Honour Points – Chapter Command
      • Honour Points – Assignment and Promotion
      • Honour Points – Experience Conversion
      • Abandon Campaign – You may abandon an Oathsworn Campaign, but the shame of doing so will not abandon you
      • Note: The following abilities create a new unit in Administratum with a clean slate for their battle record: Even in Death I Still Serve, Chapter Command, and Assignment and Promotion
    • Add-On – Codex: Tyranids – Biogenesis
    • Add-On – Codex: Tyranids – Biogenesis – Once a world has been devoured, spent the acquired biomass to upgrade your roster
      • The Swarm Grows – Increase your supply limit by 100 points
      • Rare Biomorphs – Reduce the cost of the Renowned Heroes requisition. Note that the behavior of this requisition is not supported by Administratum and you will instead be granted 1 RP
      • Enhanced Organisms – Pick one unit to gain 5 XP
      • Rapid Adaptation – Gain one free use of the Adapted Physiology requisition
      • Biological Resources – Gain 1 RP
    • Unit Page – Dashboard Tab – Units that have used the Legendary Veteran requisition will now have a Legendary Veteran widget displayed in their Upgrades section. This widget will display their updated Battle Honour cap and contains a reminder that the experience cap for the unit has been removed
    • Unit Page – Dashboard Tab – Upgrades section now has a dropdown for creating Battle Honours and Battle Scars
  • Changed
    • Add-On – Codex: Tyranids – Biogenesis and Requisition buttons are no longer displayed if you don’t have permission to make changes to that roster
    • Add-On – Codex: Tyranids – Updated effects on world images to reflect the unrelenting dominance of the Hive Mind on a system
  • Fixed
    • Fixed issue where the Legendary Veteran requisition did not allow units to have more than 3 Battle Honours
    • Fixed an issue where a campaign would fail to load if you created a Conquest event that set a territory’s size to 0
    • Fixed issue where 9th edition rosters could not be deleted
    • Fixed issue where public rosters were not being displayed if you are logged out
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Battle Scars from being renamed or having their description changed
    • Fixed an issue where Requisitions Points were labeled “XP” if you were viewing a roster that you either didn’t own or was not a member of a campaign that you were at least a moderator of (that was a fun bug)
    • Fixed typos on the Increase Supply Limit dialog
    • Fixed typos in Conquest
    • Fixed typos in Settings
    • Fixed an issue where games that were recorded before June 3rd, 2022 were displaying “Opponent” instead of the recorded name of the opponent
    • Fixed “Show More” and “Show Less” labels being switched on the Conquest and Settings pages
    • Fixed an issue where some valid games were failing to load with aa “Game Unavailable” error

This add-on has actually been available since the release day of Codex: Space Marines, and the amazing Patrons in our Discord server were the first to know. If you want the inside scoop on the great stuff we’re working on, or want to scream in my face about some dumb bug I almost certainly overlooked, then check out our Patreon and Discord server.

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