Start Competing: Thousand Sons Has Been Updated!

With all of the recent releases, updates, and FAQs, we’ve been working hard to keep our Start Competing guides up-to-date. This week, we’ve gone through and updated Start Competing: Thousand Sons to include the points changes from Chapter Approved 2019 and all of their new content from Psychic Awakening 4: Ritual of the Damned. These changes make them a whole new army compared to what they had before, now suddenly looking at large squads of Rubric Marines and not dependent on big units of Tzaangors.

In our updated guide, we run through the 9 Cults that Thousand Sons have access to, re-evaluate their unit options, talk about the new Stratagems, and have all-new lists for monofaction and soup builds that have seen success at recent GT events.

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