The Hemocan Chronicles: Gunum’s Necrons prepare for Atlanta

Alright, gather ’round, folks! It’s me, Gunum! Back in the digital trenches, ready to spill the beans on my extraordinary Necron dynasty and my grand return to the Games Workshop narrative. Strap in as I recount the saga of my last crusade and gear up for another round this weekend.

Last year, I fought under the banner of the Interloper faction, snagging the title “The Enemy Without.” This time, with a sequel appearance for my Necron dynasty, I’ll be aiming for the same success. It’s my first Crusade games of the edition, and I’m pumped to showcase a play style that’s been simmering in the background.

Painting in the background was done by my Aunt, trophy matched.

Before diving into the cosmic drama, let me address the elephant in the room — what happened during my World Eaters adventure? Life, that’s what. Real-life obligations dragged me into the Abyss, and the World Eaters project got benched. But fear not, for Necron warriors and metallics came to the rescue, offering a quick and joyful painting escape and some pretty fun games.

Gunumnote: I also happened to win a GT with my Tyranids in the dying light of the summer months.

Now, let’s talk about the upcoming event in Atlanta. My constitution isn’t exactly built for the Southern heat, but the excitement is real. In classic Gunum fashion, I’m bringing a Hear Me Out style list, concocted around the narrative that a cabal of Crypteks rules my dynasty and led by seriously passionate Psychomancer. This dude found victory last year and transformed his body into a whole new form. I will be taking no Overlords and no Lychguard. The only powerhouse we have is a chained shard of the Void Dragon, bound in the energy of blood. The only thing you must lose is your command protocols.

We call him a Proof of Concept

Quick lore recap: The Hemocan Dynasty is my Necron crew, and the name spills the beans on a little bit on the way that they function. Blood. A bunch of Crypteks under the watchful eye of Gun’um, the Psychomancer Ascendant, powering their forces with an experimental generator — hearts. Yes, you heard it right, hearts of living things. Why? Blame it on the Novak dynasty’s influence on my Psychomancer or something I’m past the why now. They’ve scoured their home area and are now harvesting, gathering, and transforming the lifeblood of living things into pure energy in this new location. Not even a little shy about flaunting it — I’ve used GW’s Blood for the Blood God paint to give that visual punch on all of their energy cores.

Now, about my Overlord — poor guy couldn’t catch a break in the last campaign. I did everything short of rolling out the red carpet for his demise. Ended up turning him into a Skorpekh Lord, a move I’m showcasing at the Atlanta event by bringing him along with the remains of his loyal Lychguard.

Hemocan Awakened

Crafting my souped-up Psychomancer was a DIY “adventure” at its finest. First off, I took a bold move of asking my good friend Sneed, Hi Mat, to whip up a body for me. They took the brave choice of slicing off the lower half of an Illuminator Szeras. Then, for some added flair, scavenged parts from two of the slickest models I could lay my eyes on — Talos and Kronos from the Dark Eldar crew.

“Upgrades.” -Neo, The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

Now, why the surgical operation, you ask? Well, Psychomancers don’t bother with legs. They’re all about that floaty, tentacled aesthetic as they drift from place to place. So, they made sure to keep that vibe alive and kicking in the redesign. And let me tell you, I’m over the moon with how this whole concoction turned out. The fusion of Illuminator Szeras, Talos, and Kronos? Pure genius, if I do say so myself.

I can hear you from here dear reader, yes, I painted him myself.

Hemocans Sigil – Credit: Questworthy

That’s about all I have for this bit, but please picture this: a dude in a sweatshirt, huddled in the shade, looking utterly out of place in the Georgia warmth. That’s probably yours truly, escaping the Northern Midwest snow for a spell. New surroundings, new vibes — I’m banking on it to boost my faction, the Covenant of the Rising Son, members of the indomitable Pact of Resistance.

So, Atlanta, here I come. Let’s give ’em hell, shall we?

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